Skinn® Cosmetics Divine Body Cleansing Oil

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  • Went Rancid , (PleaseRestock NV)

    Very disappointed that product went rancid before I had a chance to use it.

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  • BEYOND SUPERB, (backintime CA)

    Dimitri, I have loved your line since your first (blue containers) visit to HSN. I think the channel was known then by another name. And yes, I follow you wherever you go. Thank you for coming back home. I NEVER do reviews...but, this DIVINE BODY CLEANSING OIL is so awesome. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how clean and smooth I feel after using this. Everybody, just try this ONE TIME. Trust me, you'll be convinced.

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  • I usually love Skinn, (skinnlover SC)

    I have tried almost every one of Dimitris items. This particular product is my least favorite. I dont like the smell and it is just like putting an old oil/water mix on your skin (and I normally love oils) You end up wasting so much because it just drips out of your hand. Hasnt made any improvement for my skin. I prefer to put oil on after shower/bath or in a scrub

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  • Too oily in shower, (randi780 TX)

    I really wanted to like this. I am 72 years old with arthritis so I have mobility problems. This made my shower extremely slippery and dangerous for me. Also my skin itched afterwards and felt very dry afterwards. I had no choice but to return. Might be fine for younger women tho.

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  • Gentle and Clean!, (charger1 CA)

    I love how concentrated and gentle this works to clean my makeup off each night. Skinn products have always worked well for me and I have used them for a long time, even since before coming to HSN. You get more than your money's worth because they work. Thank you Dimitri and HSN!

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  • Nice, but going back, (Derface FL)

    This cleansing oil has a great scent, wonder feel on skin and washes away with a soft feel. I just wish I could overlook the fact that, for the price, way too much goes down the drain, and all over the shower. I found that it makes the shower floor super slippery! A slipping hazard for sure.

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  • Will definitely buy again, (Kiki4495 PA)

    I really like how this lathers up without bubbles. Its super moisturizing and the scent is subtle but luxe. Bottle looks pretty in the shower, too! Using this with the Spin Spa brush (mesh sponge attachment).

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  • If It's Skincare by Dmitri it's excellent , (Venegirl65 PA)

    Skinn Cosmetics has all the fantastic products needed for any skin type you can't go wrong in my opinion. This cleansing oil is great!

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  • A winner, (robinsky CA)

    I use this to wash my face. I put it on, let it sit while I brush my teeth then add the water and wash off my makeup. Gentle and non oily. I really like it. I use Dimitri's other cleansers, the non essentials and love them as well. I have no trouble getting out just what I want, its all in how far you push the pump

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  • Thanks dimitri, (marcia1963 OH)

    I bought this body oil I love the way skin looks younger bright soft

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  • Luxurious!, (JAJ64 FL)

    My skin felt wonderful after use - and I was able to skip the "post-shower" moisturizer process. LOVE IT.

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  • Love this!, (JS30 FL)

    I have been a SKINN customer for about 7 years and was excited to try this new cleansing oil and have to say thiat I love this product! I have used for a week now and love the way it does not suds up but is a milky cream consistency when applying in shower. Leaves my skin soooo silky soft. I have not used anything like this before and will be buying again when I run out. Love this!

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  • Too runny and wasteful!, (BethFl FL)

    I looked so forward to using this oil. I used it twice and returned it. I only did this because it was too runny and too much fell on the shower floor.

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