SKINN 30-Day Eye Boot Camp

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  • Burned my eyes, (Bathingsuitlady FL)

    I wanted to like this product, but everytime I used it my eyelids were burning & itching, It did nothing for my puffyness. I just couldn't use it, I returned it.

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  • Disappointed, (47cat MD)

    I love SKINN products, however, this one was a disappointment. Used it for over a month and saw no noticeable difference.

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  • Okay but does nothing for puffy eyes., (cyanne NY)

    I bought this for one reason - was looking for a product that can reduce puffy eyes. I have allergies and often wake up with puffs toward the outside of the bottom lids. Thought this system could help but it does not. However, the creams are nice and do not make the puffs worse and does moisturize well.

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  • Doesnt work as advertised , (Cinnamon03 CA)

    I used this as instructed as saw no difference around my eyes as far as reducing the puffiness and dark circles. At least it doesnt irritate my skin. I will cancel auto ship.

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  • Need to improve packaging, (CharliWI WI)

    Package arrived, serums were in shrink wrap, but the lid was open on the am serum and a lot of it leaked out. The lids on the serums tend to not open properly so you can't get dropper to release droplet. I haven't noticed any changes in skin after 2-3 weeks, very disappointed for the amount of money I spent on this product.

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  • Not so great , (sassyrn CO)

    I had high hopes for this product. I tried this product for 30 days and saw no change. The eye cream does feel nice on the skin. Too late to return it.

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  • Does nothing for puffy bags., (Deborah305 CA)

    Had great expectations my puffy eyes have not gotten any better big disappointment

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  • DRY EYES, (Skeeter1233 PA)

    My under eye area got redder & redder with use & also itchy so I had to return.

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    I was hoping this product would help with aging/drooping on the eyelids, but when I tried it on my lids, my eyeballs were bright red and stinging all day. The product leaks into the eyes. Very disappointing. The HSN host and Demetri both said it was safe to use on the eyelids.

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  • Pass on this, (CoachCathy FL)

    Nope. It does not work. In fact it accentuates my smile lines during the day. So tired of wasting money to return.

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  • Disappointed , (wshaw TX)

    I agree with previous shopper, the serum and cream are very oily, I want to be fair so I will continue for the full 30 days but at this point, somewhat disappointed at this time.

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  • Very Oily Serum and Cream, (healthnut4 NM)

    I have been using this eye set from when I first received it. I have been using the recommended amount of both the eye serum and the cream. It takes a pretty long time to be absorbed in the eye area. On top of that, my eyelids are very oily. I have to dab them with a tissue to have less oil. It looks like my eyes and under eye area are to shiny. I will give it a little bit longer and decide whether to continue with it. My dark under eye circles are still dark.

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