SKINN 30-Day Eye Boot Camp

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  • Auto ship prices up $43, (scopeland OK)

    I love this product but I purchased it on auto ship. When my second shipment was due the price went from $76 (auto ship price) to $129. SHAME on you HSN!!!That's why we purchase on autoship, to keep the price locked in (according to the host). I canceled my order and have now canceled several other future orders. I don't want to do business with a company that doesn't honor their word.

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  • Didn't Work, (NuNu631 OH)

    I used this product as it was required for 1 1/2 month. I saw no difference at all. It was also very pricey for it not to work. I'm very disappointed with this product.....

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  • No difference, (Keep2myself1 GA)

    I have been using this product since February 2024 and as of today I still see no difference in the skin around my eyes. Maybe it will take longer to work on me than others but right now I'm canceling my auto shipment

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  • Not worth it , (sherry1234 IL)


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  • Poor Product, (SnapD4 MT)

    This product is worthless & does not do what the product claims. Does not tighten around eye area or even start to lighten or eliminate under eye darkness & bags. Used it for 40 days night & mornings....nothing different!Also, over priced for a do nothing product! Do not buy this item!

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  • Glass broke , (Lauren1616 NY)

    I understand why its put in glass but the night serum product slipped out of my hand and shattered on my floor. Boo hoo. Careful with the expensive products girls.

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  • No for me, (Toothfairy695 MT)

    This product was very drying and made my eyes burn.

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  • Used religious for 3 weeks. Saw no change , (SPARKS242424 GA)

    I used this as instructed for 3 weeks. It burns when you put it on.An while it said noticeable results in a week. I saw NO CHANGE. RETURNED IT. THIS PRODUCT LINE HAS BEEN A DISAPPOINTMENT ON EVERY THING.

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  • Had to Return , (Emma707 WA)

    I really like SKINN foundation and cleansers however I could not tolerate this product. It made my eyes itch and my skin burn.

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