SKINN 30-Day Eye Boot Camp

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  • After one use, I saw a difference, (Frenchfry1954 OH)

    Like most mature women, the eye area is always a challenge. I bought the boot camp set for the face (which I love) so I decided to try this. So glad I bought. After just using the product one day, I saw a significant difference in my eyelid skin being smoother and lines under my eyes less defined and skin being smoother. I can hardly wait till I use for 30 days!

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  • Trust the product, (cucci NY)

    I can't wait to complete the 30 day boot camp. Right now I want the OPA Eau De Parfum. It's out of stock because it a beautiful fragrance. Please hurry and bring it back in stock. The scent is light and beautiful it's phenomenal.

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  • LOVE IT, but.., (ginasmom PA)

    Really like this regime; I noticed a difference after just a few days. So glad I got it on auto-ship. My only complaint is the serums are .34 oz each & the cream is only .5 oz- so theres lots of serum left after the cream is gone.

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  • Love this set, (linymom NY)

    I saw the presentation on the 2 boot camp sets. He said its meant to be used every few months so like 2x a year. Then he said you can use it every day, some people will just know its for you to use 365 days a year. Well I am that person. I love this set. My skin loves this set. It feels and looks amazing. I did cycle off if it and used other products and when I saw it being offered again I purchased it. The second I put on my face my skin was like oh yes! Thank you

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  • I gave 4 stars because of reaction, (veryDisappoin360 NY)

    This product works on dark circles, puffiness, and eye hooding. However, every time I used it, the area surrounding my eyes was itchy, and the eye area felt stiff. I cannot say if I have an allergy, or it is something that everyone experiences. I also experience the same sensation with the well advertised "eye product" with sea shells in it I returned this product for the "reaction", but it did work, so I rated this product "4". It would have been a "5", if I did not experience the itchiness.

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  • makes a difference, have to keep using, (merlin88merlin FL)

    been using since rec'd. absolutely love the serum bottles! it makes a difference, i just thought i'd see more after 3 wks. maybe I expect too much, but appears I have to make sure to not miss a day or a see a bit of step back.

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  • Bags need help. , (bevmGA GA)

    Only 2 weeks so far but I do see improvement in eye lid. However still have bags under eyes. Im hoping that will improve also. That is main reason I purchased this.

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  • The best eye product Ive used, (Alani GA)

    I recently gave up on eye products because I never saw any changes. Im a 57 yr old African-American woman and dont have any wrinkles. I do have puffiness and small bags. This product helps. I cant wait to see the results in a few weeks.

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  • No difference , (barefootgal AR)

    Today is day 30 on the eye boot camp. Took comparison pictures, before and after 30 days. Absolutely no difference. Still have same wrinkles around and under my eyes. Same depth same every thing. No change. I should have known that no cream can correct wrinkles.

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  • Needs better packaging, (Nonna2twinz FL)

    Well, I do not know the effectiveness of this product since it is a 30 day product. However, be careful opening the serum!!! Even though it was shrink wrapped, the lid was unscrewed and I spilled 90% of it when it was opened. This is a pricey product to have had this happen.

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  • Itchy, (Kirshner UT)

    I am sure other people would have no problem with this, but it caused me to have itchy eyes. I used it for 5 days. I even used my allergy eyedrops each day but added other drops. I didn't have success with those either. l was very sad because I need an eye cream. I have yet to find an eye product that doesn't cause me problems. I use other Skinn products & no problems. Too bad. I had hopes for this one. Will return product.

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  • Eyes, (Devereaux12 PA)

    12 days in I see no difference, does make my eyes itch, may have to return, do like makeup I bought last year.

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  • 30 Day Reboot, (lady_Dee2 IN)

    I can't really say how this product works or say how good it is at this point I've been using it for a few days now and what I can say is when applied around my eye area it's not absorbed it feels sticky all day. I'm going to try it for about another week if I don't start seeing the results that Skinn says I would get I will be sending it back for a fund. I've tried other beauty products HSN sells and none of them do what they claim.

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  • Glass breaks easily!, (acecee PA)

    Ill never know how well it works, because if you accidentally knock over the bottle, the glass is so thin that it shattered in dozens of pieces. Most glass bottles containing skin products seem to be much more sturdy than this was.Hopefully the daytime serum will show results in 30 days. I will still give it three stars as the amount of product is way more than 30 days worth as far as I can tell. Im only a week into it.

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  • not used yet, (megabluetravel FL)

    haven't tried it yet. not sure how much product lost in transit as can feel it on outside of tube but is fully sealed with protective packaging. So i can say, the product did not smell funky so that is good!

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