Singer Momento 24" Craft Cutting Machine

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  • Fantastic!!!, (Lou-R FL)

    Please ignore the low-star reviews. I've had Siser, Cricut, and Scan N Cut, and this is by far the best. Its not just for fabrics, but any material made for cutters can be used with this machine. Yes, there's a subscription, but there are three types from the lowest to the highest. And for those complaining about the subscription, it's no different than Brother and Cricut; it's the way the industries are going. MOMENTO cuts like a dream; its worth getting.

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  • All inclusive unit!!, (Anintriguing14u OH)

    When I saw this unit had one star, I HAD to fire back! My unit is running perfectly. No more cutting quilting pieces by hand! So much more user friendly than accuquilt by far and has so many more features as well. I cut out 80 2 1/2x2 1/2 squares for a quilt piece at once!Used this to design earrings in the software and it took me under 2 minutes to create using just a few clicks of the buttons. The cut on it is amazing, the fact that it has a rotating cutting accessories is a game changer!

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  • Return your machine fast if it is defective , (Crafty1974 IL)

    The machine seems very well built, super quiet. However, there seems to be a issue with the cutting area at the bottom right. The machine cuts outside of the cutting area. I have been in touch with Singer and alerted them, they emailed me back once to calibrate the camera, and then I continued to email them with other issues and never got a email or call back since. I called They say they try to email me and it won't go through, but they could have called me instead of leaving me in the dark.

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  • Need more instructions, (rabbit719 CA)

    I was looking so forward to this machine but am disappointed that you have to buy subscription to get a lot of different choices for projects. The basic it comes with has next to nothing. Need more instructions on how to download from previously purchased projects from other companies. Yes there are some videos but I would prefer a manual that goes step by step. Still learning on figuring it out so rating may go up or down.

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  • Singer Momento Craft Machine, (Momento2 CO)

    The documentation and videos were helpful when setting up the machine. However, the lack of instructions and help functionality for how to use the machine and app features were severely lacking. I was never able to figure out if the machine would even do the function that Id specifically bought it for. The user interface for both the machine and the mySewnet app was poorly designed and did not lend itself for ease of use by the user. Consequently, Ive sent the machine back for a refund.

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  • Wait and see..., (Luv2Sew3 CA)

    Received the unit with anxious anticipation, took my time getting it setup, got the software all ready, moved some stuff around, this thing is large....followed the instructions for powering it up and....NOTHING....made sure the brick was getting power yep, Hubby checked the power output, yep it's there and nothing. Unit was dead. Now just a word, Singer is owned by the same company that owns Pfaff, it took 3 units of their Icon 2 to get a functional one. This one was sent back, we'll wait.

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  • Disappointment!!!!, (dianab666 AZ)

    Please know you cant create without downloading sew software that is overpriced to use this Machine.Highly disappointed and sending it back. Machine should have came with a code to use and did NOT.If your Ok with Monthly $$payments for software go ahead I WAS NOT!..DO YOUR RESEACH BEORE BUYING..

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  • Disappointed , (Skincaid23 NV)

    I was really excited to receive the Singer Momento. I got it set up and it would not start. I checked everything and couldnt find anything wrong. I wigged the plug and it started. I thought I was up and running, till I tried to turn it off. It wouldnt turn off. I unplugged it to get it off. This morning it is being returned as defective. I have another reserved, I am still undecided if this is what I should do.

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