Simply Natural 24-pack Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths

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  • Great Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths, (Mecca61 GA)

    Love these Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths, for removal of makeup, cleaning almost anything else, wash out like a dream, does what they say they do in the video, on my 2nd set!

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  • Last forever, (RED47 WV)

    I bought a pack of these years ago... probably 8 years. I use two of those still for my face. One needs to be replaced. I moved and lost the new ones and never got to use most of them. I was so happy to see these presented. Buy them !

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  • Versitile , (bluehen1995 PA)

    Excellent and absorbent but they do have a bit of an odd smell when wet (but that doesnt impede their usefulness)

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  • Work well, , (Pittlover39 TX)

    I try using natural products to help our environment and I am pleased with these clothes. I threw away all of my old dish clothes as these clean and absorb well. No odors and no streaks left behind. I gave some to my sister to try as well. Great product.

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  • Simple natural 24 pack woodfiber cloth, (italy95 TN)

    The product is new to me so far I like it. It is absorbent, washes very well. And Im able to reuse it. I have cut down considerably on my use of paper towels. I like it and I do recommend it

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  • Wonderful Towels, (Mabethebabe LA)

    These towels are wonderful. They have just enough grit to scrub my counters without much effort. Easy rinse to clean! No dryer and no shrinkable. Ready to tackle another project!

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  • home run!, (drkrshadeopale5 AZ)

    i have tried several rags to wipe down sink areas & someone has always had one complaint or another. these were a hit with all family members!!! we absolutely love these rags especially the antibacterial properties. Now home is maintained cleaner. all sink areas are being wiped down regularly by all family members. we actually enjoy using them!!

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  • Excellent value , (bearsparky244 NY)

    Best money I ever spent,I cant believe how well they work in pickup up spills and for cleaning.

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  • Perfect !, (Unterderlaterne CA)

    My husband does not exited about the things I buy, but OMG does he approve of this purchase! The first cloth that looks decent and appealing when lying by the sink. I got the red rimmed ones , they cheer me up (I have a dull life,lol. Now I will supply my daughters and friends with this marvelous product.

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  • Awesome Product!!, (Chelle35179 AL)

    I love how soft they are once you get them wet!! They clean surfaces without streaking and they wring out so well that they almost feel dry. I absolutely love these cloths. Will order more!! Could you make them in a pack of Large only? I use the large more than the small.

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  • Try the best forget the rest , (Medgasr CA)

    Ive been buying these cloths for many years, Im never disappointed.

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  • Best, (Rosebud760 NJ)

    I was surprised I will reorder these again.

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  • Third order, (netti50 KY)

    I think these are the same as the Doc cloths the H used to sell. I really like these better than microfiber. They last a long time. Rinse pretty clean. I keep a bin of water and soap, after I use these for cleaning, I soak them until Im ready to wash. I do a rinsing before putting in my washer. They look pretty good, when I rinse before putting in my washer- you cant believe the dirt. I wish you would make a pack without the small cloths- I dont use them a whole lot.

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  • Best ever!, (Salita635 NY)

    Ive purchased these MANY times over the years. They are the best ever. They dont smell and clean everything (body, face, refrigerators, whatever) beautifully. I use different colors for different things. Can they make these attached to something for more house cleaning? Great, thank you.

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  • Excellent Cleaning Cloths, (CarolynMsck CO)

    These cloths are perfect. They clean really well and I really like how they dry out when you lay them flat by the sink/counter. I feel like they stay clean from germs/bacteria. Would highly recommend.

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