Signature Club A RTC Double Hyaluronic Gold Volumizing Day Cream

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  • Not impressed , (Sunlover2 AZ)

    Prefer a none smelling cream (it bothers my allergies) and a bit to greasy

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  • Love This Cream, (RP777 CO)

    I love this cream it goes on very nice , and it really hydrates my skin and it last to.

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  • ?, (Gizzmo14 DE)

    I never had my face breakout ever. Since I using this, this has happened! I was so looking forward to this GemI confused! Please consult...Ms. Elaine Weir.

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  • Plumping?, (kit85 MO)

    I am using the cream. I was hoping it would plump under my eyes and mouth. So far I see no difference.

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  • Not as good as I had hoped, (mongo11 CA)

    This stuff burns if you get it near your eyes and and tastes really bad if get it on the lips. I feel very sorry for the model. She was covered in the cream. It was put near her eyes and on her lips and smeared all over. So it doesnt work for the eye areas and doesnt work for the mouth area. So it really doesnt work as shown. Why all the lies. As a face creme its ok. Wouldnt buy again.

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  • To greasy , (melyd AZ)

    After applying, my face just shines It doesn't seem to absorb. I'll keep it and continue to use it but I will not buy it again.

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  • Great Face cream / questionable container, (rurod AZ)

    I love the cream!!! It's wonderful day Cream . The container it comes in is cheaply made, the brand name, writing and information about the cream, smudge off the the container and it's hard to open and close which in turn the top lid broke.

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  • so-so, (BSinCT WV)

    Migrates to my eyes no matter how careful I am and it burns like crazy for hours. Don't find those super sponges do any wrinkle filling.

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  • day scream, (no37 CA)

    very good , not greasy. smooth

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  • Works well, (tula67 PA)

    This works well . The only problem I had ,it took too long to soak in my skin. I found it a bit too oily.

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  • Black fingers, (nicenurse7 KY)

    When I used the product I noticed the fingers on my left hand had black on them.upon inspecting the container I realized that the product description was coming off the container. It seemed like it was put on with erasable felt pen. Im sure I am not the only one this happened to. I tried to look up a number to call and repot it, but couldnt find one. I finally took tissue paper and wiped the remaining black from the jar. The product is nice, but it is overshadowded by the container.

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  • Greasy Product, (queeny1319 CA)

    I was really excited to find a day cream with suncreen. This cream is very, very greasy and doesn't soak in. Also, quality control needs to be in more control! After I put the cream on and my hands are still greasy from applying to my face, then I put the lid back on, and the black writing on the bottle rubs off on your hands. Probably won't buy this again.

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  • Not Impressed, (Pammie542 FL)

    A waste of money

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  • Bad reaction., (GEMINIGIRL10 NY)

    Sorry to say will be returning this product. It gave me a rash on my face .Also my my make up did not blend well.

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  • Moisturizer, (kalajo TN)

    I was unaware at the time of purchase this product had so many parabens and toxic ingredients. I may like the feel of this face cream, but feel like using it will be putting bad ingredients on my face. I might also say that the container is cheap and the print on the container smears black and comes off. I am disappointed and will ask for a refund.

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