Signature Club A RTC Double Hyaluronic Gold Volumizing Day Cream

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  • Too greasy, (cherylblashes WA)

    This going back, it feels way too greasy and sticky on my face. Don't like it at all.

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  • Horrible, (eel316 NC)

    Smells awful! Did not fill in any fine lines or wrinkles. Lookes greasy. Can't believe people actually like this. It's going back!

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  • Is anyone else having this problem?, (TSUCOMom OK)

    Two people, myself included, cannot get the lid off this jar. This review is on the jar itself. With its squared edges, it seems it should lift off the top. Odd thing. (Now, the bottom white half? IT has come off! No help, though). What am I missing? Am glad to review the cream once I finally get to it! ;)

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  • Not happy at all., (Sadi2 FL)

    I'm very disappointing!!!It looks spoiled (like cottage cheese) and it is far from the expiration date.

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  • SOOOO GREASY!!, (Josie1208 AL)

    This is THE greasiest, greasiest, skin product that I've ever tried in my life. After using just 3 Xs, just "handling" the jar had taken off ALL the label printing from the front, and some off the black top. Even if my skin were super dry, I would not want to use a cream that felt as if I were putting Crisco (the solid type) on my face. Yuck, big time! Going back....

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  • Didn't deliver as advertised!, (CAtoTX TX)

    I used this product for a week and didn't see any improvements at all. In fact, I could barely see at all--DO NOT GET THIS NEAR YOUR EYES! I was very careful to keep product from getting in my eyes but even getting it near enough to address those tiny lines around my eyes caused them to burn and tear up to the point that I had to wash it all off and used eye drops for relief. I'd have found a way around that if the product delivered the results as promised, but it didn't even do that.

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  • Disappointed , (chatty472 IL)

    This product did not do anything Adrian said it would on me. Did not fill in lines as her demo showed, and no lifting at all. Returning and sticking with Lancome Renergie.

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  • Greasy , (Sherry777 CA)

    I usually love all of Signature Club A products . This product says apply liberally so I did . This is so greasy and my skin didn't absorb it So I had to wipe it off after a few minutes.I know what it said it was for but I think they were wrong. Don't waste you money on this one!

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  • Disappointed, (Roeroe12 OH)

    Unfortunately, this cream does not do what it says. I watched how to apply it and how it would bubble and show results, well it didn't do a thing! It did leave a gold shine but it also made my face red! Don't waste your money. Sorry to give such a bad review but I have to be truthful. I wish I would have looked up the ratings before the purchase.

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  • greasy, (betty104 FL)

    I didn't like the product. Excessively greasy no matter how much you applied. Sending back for a refund.Betty

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