Signature Club A Rapid C Infused High Potent-C Capsules

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  • Great product, (tula67 PA)

    Ive been using for years. I dont have many creases it really works. I wish. There was more in a capsul.

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  • Terrific product , (ConnieO NC)

    These vitamin C caps work excellent for me. I have been using them over the past 12 or more yearsI will continue to use them in the future! Thank You Adrienne!!!

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  • Adriennes Priducts are the best hands down. , (TheVeronaKid IL)

    Rapid Transport Vit C, Stem Cell Capsules, Argan Oil sun cream, and her Platinum products. Since the pandemic wheres the platinum? Ive tried others and theyre not as good as hers - they arent as effective. Wheres the Vit C wipes? They were magical. Go Adrienne!

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  • Adrienne please read, (Lady_Thunderbolt IL)

    No doubt your vitamin c is the best. Love it. Loyal customers used to rely on your doubles deals and big kits, and large capsule. Your special deals are gone. For this reason I dont buy much anymore. We used to get two for 39.99 now its one for 46 or 49.99

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  • Great product, (zinggbat CA)

    Love these capsules! Keeps the vitamin C fresh and sterile every time it is used. Formulation goes into the skin quickly and leaves the skin feeling very soft.

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  • Love it, (REK67 FL)

    I have been buying this product for years. I love how it makes my face feel. I'm 76 and have no wrinkles. Maybe it's genetics? Maybe not.

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  • Great, (tula67 PA)

    Im 78 . Have used for years, since it first came out. People think Im aging well. My skin is smooth. My creases are always better after I use it..not deep like others Ive seen.

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  • I like this, (Dollydialup GA)

    I have extremely oily skin and I'm not a skin product user, but now, at 72, the crevices in my face are worse than ever and I've decided to try several different products. I can't stand the feel of most of that stuff on my face but this is different. It really does feel like silk and it doesn't seem to increase the oil production, and that says a lot. I've only been using it since 10/21, so can't judge yet. I use it during the day.

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  • Love SCA Vitamin C Capsules, (rcspalt MD)

    Gives new life and moisture to mature skin

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  • Great, (innette MI)

    My mother loves them.

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  • Love it, (MARY1313 NY)

    These caps really work. My skin is smooth and I have very few wrinkles. I can't be without them

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  • My husband says, that stuff really works., (Georgee OH)

    Ive used this product for over 10 years, I just turned 70. My husband often makes the comment that I look younger than so n so on TV. His comments keep me believing in this product and on auto delivery. I am a loyal user.

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    It has been 2 years since i finished chemo and have been trying everything to get my skin back! This moisturizer is the miracle worker for me!! My skin feels soft and supple! Truly a miracle for me! I don't ever want to be without this. I have tried so many moisturizers but this is IT!

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  • Great stuff!, (MissLiv CA)

    I stopped using this for awhile and decided to see if there was a difference when I started again. Happy to say, there is a big difference and will keep using. I'm 65 years young!

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  • Best Vitamin C anywhere~!!~~!, (blonde525 TX)

    Illuminates your this product~!~!~!~

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