Signature Club A Meltdown Cleansing Creme

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  • Soupy, (auntiecc WI)

    I have'nt ordered this makeup remover from SCA in years. I remember it being thick in consistancy. Even the purity seal didn't hold this soup inside. It leaked all over the inside jar. What a mess. I don't return things too much off a hassle. I just don't reorder. Seems like the whole line of her stuff hasn't progressed and with DJ and all his awards perhaps she should retire.

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  • Lemon Zest, (Nicky1234 IL)

    So wanted to love this product the smell is amazing but it burned my eyes so much that I couldn't use it .Didn't really think it worked as well as some of the reviews claimed

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  • Do not use on eyes, (aaddv NJ)

    Sent it back, severe burning of my eyes. I can use the coconut meltdown but something is in this one that should not be used on your eyes as directed. Contacted HSN they credited me and told me to throw it away. Thank you HSN

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  • Defective Product, (tigertot1 LA)

    I have used Adrienne's Meltdowns for years and loved the creamy, souffl texture. As another reviewer remarked this product is a "soupy" texture. I could literally pour it out of the jar. It will drip off my face. I have never had this happen with any of her other Meltdowns. The fragrance is very nice and I selected this one because I loved her "Peaches and Cream" Meltdown that I think has been discontinued. Some of the Meltdowns burned my eyes but the Peaches and Cream never did. I also did ok with the vanilla. This Vanilla Orange Meltdown did not burn by eyes and I would purchase it again but I am afraid I will get another "liquid in a jar" and I don't want to take the chance.

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  • Very drying. Opposite of claims, (GRITS55 GA)

    Very, very drying. Do not waste your money. You most likely deserve better. Just hype and no delivery on quality. Go to sephora, Ulta, or a knowledgeable source to get your beauty products.

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  • Unbelievable!!, (AGIKLCO FL)

    This is not my first Adrienne meltdown. They always smelled great, especially the lemon scent and did a good job on eyemakeup. I trustingly tried this Argon oil meltdown to add to my Argan oil skincare collection. BAD IDEA!! The moment I applied it to my eyes and face, my eyes started BURNING! Not just burning, but really painful!! It took a long time to wipe/wash off and the pain was excruciating!! My eyes were red for days. I don't know why the many positive reviews for this one. I immediately returned it and I'm pleased I had the chance to write this review so others, especially with sensitive eyes can be warned. I will continue with Signature Club A's products as most of them are great. Thank you, Agi

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  • Was very excited to get..., (tedd CA)

    but could not stand the smell, sent back.

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  • Lemon Zest Meltdown, (savannah8 CA)

    I used to love this product and I loved the lemon smell, but the last two times I have ordered, the smell is terrible. Smells like some type of petroleum oil product. Please fix it.

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  • Never Again!!, (rachel925 FL)

    Whatever happened to quality control? This was the second time I had to return the meltdown. It had the most unpleasant odor and was actually more liquid than it should have been. There have been many complaints about this and I even sent a letter to Ms. Arpell months ago. I won't get stung again.

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  • BAD smell!, (Joni642 KY)

    I used to love the lemon smell of this face cleansing creme but now it is nothing but a super strong chemical smell. Glad I don't smoke because it smells possibly of an oil type chemical. Nothing lemon about the smell anymore. I probably will return

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  • Sad Report, (comfortfood FL)

    I have had it with Arpel's meltdowns. In November I purchased the cleansing creme which came in a kit....the scent was supposed to have been melon but it had a most offensive odor as did my most recent purchase the Lemon meltdown. I happen to be attending a luncheon at the Kravis Center in Palm Beach this coming Monday. I would like to ask her what happened to her marvelous cleanser.When I have the time I am sending items back to HSN. Unhappy customer. Sorry

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  • what happened?, (skippergirl5 TX)

    sending back the jar of vanilla meltdown I just ordered, it is brownish in color, soupy in texture and the smell is not the same smell I am used to. what happened here? is this a new formula or sitting in a warehouse too long? I cannot be any less happy with this jar ... I should have read the current reviews before orderng again

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  • vanilla meltdown, (kitty1213 FL)

    I used the French vanilla meltdown for years and loved it. I had to switch to the Vanilla meringue when the French vanilla not available. I find it runny and the smell is very unpleasant. I will be switching back to the French vanilla now that I see it's back in stock.

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  • What happened to the vanilla meltdown?????, (BOXERS WV)

    I am so disappointed with this meltdown.This is not the same french vanilla meltdown I have used and loved....what happened to the wonderful scent.This doesn't even smell like vanilla,its just nasty!!! Maybe it's old because it's runny and seperated,not even the same color,and it doesn't feel the same.I will be sending back.

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  • Very Dissapointed, (KNOWLEDGEABLE PA)

    What happened to the Vanilla Meltdown? When I received mine it was tan in color and very soupy. It wasn't creamy and didn't have that wonderful Vanilla smell. Will try a different scent this time and if it's bad I will return it and find another brand to buy. Sorry Adrienne.

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