Signature Club A Meltdown Cleansing Creme

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  • Great for dry skin, (Vixter CA)

    Preferred the old formula that was a bit thicker /heavier/richer but this still is my fav cleansing cream. Use it every night to remove my eye makeup and cleanse and hydrate my skin. I leave it on until it soaks into my skin. Then I wash it off with warm water. After that I do not need a night cream. Although I do use Adrienne's C Capsules weekly. Just those 2 things make a BIG DIFFERENCE for my sensitive dry skin.

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  • LIVES UP TO REEVIOUS CLAIMS !!!!, (cynthiak702 NV)


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  • Something's Changed, (LYNI )

    It's hard to describe exactly how this meltdown has changed, for those who have never used the original. So I'll start with a very basic change: the jar. I ordered the familiar black and gold jar, and received a white and gold jar. That's not too important, but I believe the formula/ingredients, and even scent of the product has been changed. Why? 1) it's less dense and thick than before. 2) the scent is sweeter, less like vanilla pudding, and more like vanilla/floral. 3) it no longer leaves that "moisture mantle" (that Adrienne used to talk about) on the skin. Overall, it gets 4 stars, because it does remove all eye/foundation makeup. But it just isn't the same, at least to me.

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  • Vanilla, (tiddles217 )

    I have to say these meltdowns are about the only cleanser which removes my mineral makeup!!! I would like to see a meltdown offered that is fragrance free b/c vanilla is about the only meltdown I can use without fragrance irritation.

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  • Meltdown Cream, (chloe816 GA)

    Use to use this cream all of the time. Started using again. Its very runny. Not as creamy as it use to be. Love the instant results but too expensive for the runny new cream.

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  • Not impressed, (Maley65 TX)

    It smells very nice, light fragrance and it does remove makeup. However, it is too messy and inconvenient to use as a daily cleanser. I saw no difference in using this creme and any other, less expensive, cremes.

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  • IT was way better, (karenmarie62 PA)

    I thought I would try this thinking it was a melting balm but it's more like a cold cream. I will stick with the IT cosmetics melting balm. NO comparison!!! The product was good but not what I expected like IT's.

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  • catnation, (catnationl KY)

    Smells great but really nothing special about it as far as cleansing.

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  • OK, (eeriwa MN)

    It was not the French vanilla product I thought I was ordering. Guess I was disappointed because of that.

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  • Smells amazing!, (Gwhize KS)

    Not sure how the product works yes since I have not used it, but it smells amazing!

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  • Signature A Meltdown, (nanci03 FL)

    Disappointed in the texture and consistancy of the cream. Scent is ok. Not like ones I have used in the past. Does a good job of makeup removal and eye makeup removal. Which is why I purchase this. Nothing else does such a good job and does not break my skin out.

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  • Soupy, (suzq314 PA)

    I have been using the meltdows for years and love them. However, the last one I received was not creamy, but very soupy

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  • Just Average product, (leesha204 FL)

    This cream does not take off Club A makeup for me. I like the scent, however, I am looking for a good cleanser. This is not it. I will not be purchasing this again.

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  • Doesn't smelll like lemon to me but, (Ro12661 OH)

    I do like how it cleanses and makes my skin feel soft. Don't know if I will reorder at another time or not.

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  • Diasppointed, (bbbepas CA)

    I have used this product for years and was very pleased with it. I received the new jar a few days ago, and after the first use I almost thought that I received the wrong product. Like some of the other comments listed, it was watery, did not smell as good, seems like a totally different product, and I do not like it. I'm debating whether I should return it or not. I have nothing else to use currently so I almost feel stuck with it until I find something else that I like. Has Signature Club A address any of the comments/complaints.

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