Signature Club A Meltdown Cleansing Creme

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  • Love this cleanser, (cmc76 IL)

    Very creamy and smells great.feels so nice on skin. My skin glows and feels very soft. It does really melt the makeup off. I have used several Signature Club A products over the last 20 years and appreciate the good quality..

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  • So rich, ( AR)

    This product is so soft and smells fantastic! Wipes my eye makeup right off! I would not use anything else to take my eye makeup off with. Love it!

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  • No more puffy under eyes, (DawntheLeo NV)

    This is my third order. I try a different fragrance each time. Since using this product no more puffiness under my eyes.

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  • incomparable creme, (lap1d0p0l1s OR)

    I've thankfully used her meltdown creme for over 30 years for removing eye makeup because it so easily and thoroughly washes all off after only ten seconds on, and comes off the washcloth as well, so I never worry about staining cloths in travel lodging. One place even had a special black cloth designated for makeup removal. I love how the vanilla whipped cream feels and smells. I take some in a tiny jar for trips from home, and it lasts the whole time. It's so easy on the eyes. Gotta have it!

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  • Creamy smooth, (Kaimuki1 HI)

    Little goes a long way. I like texture. The only problem was jar was a mess when I opened it.

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  • I haven't come out of the shower yet, (Beachgal48 CT)

    This is so delightful, effective, and such a joy to use. It will make you look forward to washing your face. Now we need one for the body! Love, love, love!

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  • Love it, (rodsmaggiemay KY)

    This is an amazing product. Absolutely the best makeup remover/ cleanser I have ever used. This scent is my absolute favorite. The argon oil meltdown, night caps and body lotion are the 3 best items I have ever purchased anywhere and I have tried a lot of things over the years. Please never stop making these. Thank you .

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  • smooth, (kimba10 NY)

    This is so wonderful. I love the scent and the feel of this cleanser. It does not irritate my skin it just feels so good and my skin really feels cleaner when I remove the make up.Love, Love, Love

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  • Great cleanser, (tincan FL)

    The smell is nice and the moisture afterwards is incredible. It makes my face feel really soft and I can't stop touching it! Every bit of makeup comes right off including eye products.

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  • Excellent, (Lynnzy1217 CT)

    I'm in love with the scent of this stuff. Works great & leaves my face very soft.

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  • Rapid Transport is excellent, (Doreen65 CT)

    Great for taking your makeup off and doesnt burn your eyes. I just love it.

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  • Did The Job, (Alp PA)

    I have been using the wipe-off cloths for eye makeup and found there wastoo much rubbing to remove same. after using this vanilla orange cleansing cream, makeup came off without so much rubbing. This is awonderful product. No more wipe-offs for me.

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  • My face looks and feels gtreat!, (Omaha_shopper NE)

    This is my 4th purchase of this product and I AM in love! I am a senior citizen and nobody guesses my age because my skin doesn't look anywhere near my true age. This cream isn't heavy but sure feels good AND better than any for twice the price! I would NOT go a day without it.

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  • Love ... love ... love ..., (Anne49 PA)

    Have been a fan of this cleanser for several years. Perfect facial cleanser ... mild on the skin but does heavy duty cleaning and makeup removal. French vanilla scent is subtle and pleasant.

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  • My favorite Meltdown, (wags NY)

    Been using Adrienne's meltdowns for about 6 yrs and use no other now. Vanilla, Argon, etc. Lemon Zest my favorite. Feels wonderful on the skin, wait 10 secs and wipe all makeup off including eye area. No pulling on skin & wonderful fresh scent. Would give this a 10 if possible. Also use Adrienne's Vit C & Argon Caps, day & night crme. People say I look 48 when I'm 65 ! Thank you SO much Adrienne for such fabulous products !

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