Signature Club A LED Liquid Lights Auto-Ship®

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  • LED Liquid Light, (Peanut944 NJ)

    I love this product , I use it with the day cream onlyYou don't need anything elseBut I buy a lot of Signature Club products and they are the bestI'm a 76 year old and no one ever said that I look my age , because of the makeup from the Signature Club

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  • Good, (copperear TX)

    This does what it's suppose to. Nice glow.

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  • Fla.1976, (abcfka76 FL)

    Very good product. Does have a healthy glow to this 80 year old. Use it alone with some moisture first.

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE, (hotpinkcorvette CA)

    Thought I would give it a try especially when she said no sparkle or glitter and I was amazed. It gives your face the light it needs and your skin looks so pretty even without make up, just moisturizers and i would never go out of the house with out make up on. It seems to diminish any lines or flaws. I will definitely buy this product again. IT!!!!

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  • Instant glow , (kenu ID)

    I like this product, it does give a luminous glow to the skin

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  • Love!!!, (therealtea OH)

    I am a licensed makeup artist. This product is beautiful alone or mixed with other products. It gives skin a healthy color and glow.

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  • Love love lov.e, (Rosebud780 AZ)

    I love this great ...lights up the face

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  • Gross Smell, (wildwoman1 MO)

    I was so excited when I ordered this. I use several Sig A products and generally love them. This product's smell is Gross! Applied it once and just could not live with it. Washed it off after 15 minutes. The consistency was also too thick and tacky.

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  • Garbage, (agent13 NJ)

    Doesn't make any difference in your skin, aside from the fact that it caused me to break out in hives!!

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  • Like very much, (maryanne447 MD)

    Like this for a little special glow

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  • good product, (Bobzie AZ)

    Have used signature A off and on for 15 years. Love this product, doesn't take but a small amount to do exactly what it's intended to do. It doesn't look like any make up at all and is very light feeling on skin.

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  • Beautiful finish, (MAMAWOO FL)

    This is so beautiful to finish off make up or wear alone. It makes your skin look sun kissed.

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  • Good but overpriced product!, (bobead NJ)

    Although this item works decently, it is seriously no better than the drugstore brand No.7, which costs me half the price. I would certainly prefer to save myself money and pick up what I want from a local store shelf, with zero shipping any day of the week.

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  • Sent back, (Linazogbi WA)

    Very very poor quality. Not for me

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  • Luminous and luxurious , (SusieQ1069 OH)

    A light luminescent foundation that gives your skin a youthful glow. Not glittery but a youthful moisturized look and feel.

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