Signature Club A 5 Essentials Eye Creme w/ QuSomes and Plant Complex

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  • Soothing eyes , (Honeybuns501 NC)

    This is the first eye creme that does not bother my eyes which are so sensitive to any other kind of creme. After wearing eye shadow and mascara for the day; when I wash my face, this is my go to creme for my eyes. It soothes them and feels so cooling and does not burn (even if a little gets in my eye). I love the "SIZE". I do not have to order the facial and eye creme together just because I am out of the eye creme . It is nice to order these cremes separate and saves me some money.

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  • A Twenty Star Product, (TexasgalHouston TX)

    I have used the SCA Essentials Eye Cream since its inception at HSN. It does not sting the skin when applied. It is soothing and there are no crinkles where applied. I just love this SCA item. Thank you HSN for offering it. Keep up the good work Adrianne. I highly recommend this eye cream.

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  • Great product, (libby718 MA)

    Love this eye cream! Makes my eyes feel good! I'm over 60 and eyes very sensitive! This cream is very soothing on the skin around my eyes!

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  • Good eye moisturizer at reasonable price, (CT60 IL)

    You get 1 ounce vs .5 on other products. Its a very good eye moisturizer. Goes on silky smooth. No dragging. No heavy thickness- just enough creaminess. Smooth's out creases. I like it.

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  • Awesome, (Blondie04 NC)

    I always get a back-up eye creme, because the eye creme that comes with the duo (face and eye creme) just doesn't last...that tells you something! Great product!

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  • The best! , (LindaLou6 NJ)

    I even gifted this for NO REASON to my two best friends because this product feels so incredibly the second you put it on! The face portion on the bottom of the jar and the little one on top for the eyes is genius! Its always cool and refreshing and I know this is keeping my face and neck in beautiful shape. Ive been using this product for about 4years now. And I stock up on this!;)

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  • Finally, (forever29913 PA)

    I love the 5essantials but always ran out of the eye long before the face I couldnt wait till you came out with the eye on its own thank you love it

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  • Very good product, (73shorty PA)

    I am so happy about this product. I have been using the 5 essentials eye and face cream for about 15 years. Thank you,

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  • Light and airy , (Sharooney NY)

    I was very happy to find that SCA now sells only the eye cream. It is the first to go when using it on top of the 5 essentials cream jar. The eye cream is light and airy, needing only a small dab to cover the whole area. Deduct one star for the top which is a bit difficult to screw on properly.

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  • Amazing , (Retta168 SC)

    Today is day 15. I noticed a significant difference in my puffy eyes on day 10. I'm waiting on the next TSV.Thanks hsn

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  • Vitamin C eye ointment, (honeyree CA)

    I have used the SCA vitamin C eye ointment for over 20 years. Im 69 years old and have little to no under eye wrinkles. Im beyond disappointed that I can no longer buy a tube of the ointment on its own. I recently bought this new eye cream and it cannot compare to the ointment. The ointment moisturizes all day. After just a few hours, or less, the cream is absorbed and is no longer actively moisturizing. Please allow the eye ointment to be a single item purchase.

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