Sharper Image Calming Heat Sauna Wrap with Heat & Massage

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  • I purchased this on October '22, (Arana7 IN)

    I've used it about 5 times, because the heat is very intense by the calves, I have to keep my legs and feet moving every few minute to not get too hot on my legs, the highest I've reached so far is #6, I don't break a sweat yet, I'm afraid to go higher and not being able to stand the heat on my legs. I go in there prior to use Ashley Black's fascia blasting tools now. So far it still works.

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  • Should have a zipper and not a fold, (joan551 CA)

    I was disappointed that it would not completely close. It should have a zipper on the side and not a fold. Also it did not get hot enough.

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  • Sauna, (pcapoda NM)

    I just returned it because I needed more of a massage. There is only ONE message pillow included. My own fault because I didnt pay more attention to the presentation. Cost me $80 to return

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