Sharper Image Calming Heat Sauna Wrap with Heat & Massage

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  • Love this, (sherrol CA)

    Bought the sauna when you first had it on air. Tried it after opening itI was surprised at how well it worked. I put on my bed and it was so easy to use. Would recommend to family and friends

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  • Love mine!, (Sandim408 SD)

    Relaxing and helps with recovery after workouts. Even seems to help with my aches and pains that come with being in my upper 50s when using it several times a week. Easy to clean. This is a keeper and much more convenient and cost effective than using a sauna at the salon.

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  • LOVE IT!, (Jenna9 FL)

    This works great and provides more heat than expected. I am a regular user of saunas and steam rooms; thus I love the heat. The gym saunas were great for sweating our impurities, but the heat was drying my hair, so I stop going as often. I have used this sauna blanket twice and I was just as sweaty when I came out, as with the gym sauna. Definitely read instructions & wear proper clothing to protect your skin,. It relieved muscle aches and tightness still lingering from a workout the day. I used

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  • Easy to use, easy to clean, (Kb00sie LA)

    I was a bit nervous to try this, but the instructions were thorough and clear. The heat level was comfortable and it was easy to clean. I started to sweat about 15 minutes in, and it was very relaxing to use. I felt refreshed and relaxed after use. Cleaning was easy, just a quick wipe down. The instructions did state not to use any type of disinfectant wipe, which makes sense, but bothered me a little.. The material does seem clean and sanitized even without chemicals.

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  • Works Great! , (CajunSLP LA)

    I like this sauna bag. I am not a person who sweats easily, so I have to turn mine to 8 to sweat, but on 8 I do. It seems to help my leg pain. I was interested if this was really helping my body internally, so I took my blood pressure right after, and WOW, it was 109/69. My blood pressure is usually not high but borderline high. I could not believe how much lower my blood pressure was coming out of the sauna bag, so I guess it is doing good things for my body. It's a keeper for me.

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  • Relax, (RBF56 AR)

    I'm really loving my new sauna blanket! It's so easy to use and very compact. I've been using it mostly before bedtime and it's really helped me to relax and sleep deeper. I have a hard time sweating and detoxing and I'm finding this is really helping me and allows me to sweat at my own pace. I like to take it slow and the lower settings allows me to sweat just enough until I'm able to work myself up to more. I'm so grateful for this product and all the amazing benefits.

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  • Nice and Cozy, (krystinam MA)

    I used to sit in the sauna after a workout before switching gyms and I've been missing it. This comes close to the experience, but I can do it in the comfort of my own home. The controls are easy to use and I felt pretty warm/sweaty after about 10-15 minutes. It took me a little finagling to get in and once I was in I felt super cozy. The massage could be slightly better, but overall this will be a great addition to my home for the winter.

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  • Piece of garbage, (jsumma VT)

    Broke after 3 uses. Garbage.

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  • Definitely makes you sweat, (JamieH297 UT)

    I have added use of the sauna wrap to the list of things I am doing to help with aches and pains. I set it up and climb in after a therapeutic massage and it has enhanced the effects of the massage in loosening my muscles. I can only stay in it for a few minutes because I get toasty really easily, and I am already lightheaded following a deep tissue massage. My husband has been using it following a workout since the sauna in his gym has been closed. We are both quite happy with it.

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  • Better for someone who is agile, (RoseW1 ID)

    I bought this blanket for my sweetheart, a grandpa who gets chilled easily after working out in the winter weather. The heat adjustments range far higher than he can stand without melting (or as he says getting too crispy), but he enjoys the lower temperatures. He only stays in it about fifteen minutes before he starts to feels bit claustrophobic. The controls and massage pad are easy to use, and once the blanket has been heated, left to cool slightly and wiped down, it is easy to fold the

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  • I purchased this on October '22, (Arana7 IN)

    I've used it about 5 times, because the heat is very intense by the calves, I have to keep my legs and feet moving every few minute to not get too hot on my legs, the highest I've reached so far is #6, I don't break a sweat yet, I'm afraid to go higher and not being able to stand the heat on my legs. I go in there prior to use Ashley Black's fascia blasting tools now. So far it still works.

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  • Should have a zipper and not a fold, (joan551 CA)

    I was disappointed that it would not completely close. It should have a zipper on the side and not a fold. Also it did not get hot enough.

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  • Sauna, (pcapoda NM)

    I just returned it because I needed more of a massage. There is only ONE message pillow included. My own fault because I didnt pay more attention to the presentation. Cost me $80 to return

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  • Stopped working, (11disappointed AL)

    Have had less than a year and it stopped working. Only got to use about 5 times

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  • Returned , (what16 OR)

    Storage a problem, heavy in weight and bulky. Returned -

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