Shark WANDVAC Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

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  • Gifting, (stressrelief IL)

    I actually have one of these.... good performance so far. My friend admired I got it as a gift...& on sale!

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  • Good product, (dsjim TX)

    Much better vac than the Bissel handheld one.

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  • handheld vac, (Katrina1944 MO)

    What a nice little hand held vac. It has good power for little messes. I ordered the blue, what a pretty color.

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  • Convenient cleaning, (bimbo915 NY)

    Love this vacuum. This. Is my 2nd one bc I have 1 on each floor. It works great, has great suction. I bought my mom one for Xmas bc she used mine and loved it too

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  • Lightweight and Powerful!, (TJFort PA)

    Lightweight and powerful. Easy to use. Goes anywhere you need it to go. Love that it has a docking station that holds both the vac and all the attachments and washable filter.

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  • Bought Two, (Cc1727 MD)

    Great tool! Works like a charm. Easy to use and empty (click and dump). Attachments also work well. Nice-looking while charging in base. Bought one and then another for a gift.

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  • The magic wand, (Audubon4071 GA)

    Absolutely love this product. Have a longhaired cat and this has been a god-send. Light, flexible, powerful and so convenient. Highly recommend this product.

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  • Great Suction, (LionsMane OK)

    This has great suction and Im very happy with it. It charged up perfectly and I use it for small jobs around my house and my bedroom in the cats room without having to pull out my big vacuum cleaner comes with two attachments that I can use in my car what else could you ask for?

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  • Bought my 4th one!!!!, (Hodders TX)

    This is actually my favorite vacuum of all time. We have four dogs that shed and live in the house. Even with a Robo vac tufts of hair seem to get loose. We have two at our house, bought one for my daughter and my mother. All this needs is a belt holster So I can take it with me everywhere. This is absolutely one of my top 10 purchases of all time.

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  • LOVE THIS LITTLE BEAUTY (Paprika), (AGadgetGirl MI)

    No more debris that won't go into the dust pan. Just use this. I have trouble bending over to pick things up. This is perfect. I frequently bring it out to the car. I haven't timed the battery but it does the job just fine. Maybe those who say it doesn't stay on long enough for the car aren't using it frequently enough. Of course its not a carwash vacuum. VERY EASY TO USE!! Holds a charge nicely. I don't keep it on the charger. I've heard it reduces battery life.

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  • Love my hand vac, (afreire NJ)

    I waited some time to review to be fair. I had read reviews on here and they made me regret ordering. I am happy to report I love my hand vacuum. It is so convenient and has great suction. Its the thing I never knew I needed so badly. I dont use it for long periods of time. I grab for quick clean ups. Easy to use and easy to dump (one button) pops the canister open and done! Love it!!!

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  • LOVE this little vacuum!, (Kewins TX)

    I have a Dyson handheld, but it's heavy. I actually bought this to help clean my miniatures & dollhouse, but now I use it all over the house, for my car, etc... It's lightweight but works great! Love it.

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  • Works great, (Zsp49-5 FL)

    This picks up a lot more than the other competitors.

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  • Very effective!, (kathyo322 PA)

    Im so surprised by the effectiveness of this little Wandvac. Its light, easy to use & very powerful.

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  • STRONG suction!!, (2225 PA)

    I really love thism little hand vacuum! It has strong suction,and it gets into spaces in my car that the big vac can't. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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