Secure Whey Complete Meal Replacement

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  • This is changing my life!, (SweetP-ThatsMe KS)

    I went to see a bariatric surgeon and they told me I need to lose 100 lbs before I could have surgery. They suggested things I could try, including meal replacement shakes. I saw this on HSN and decided to try it. I add 1 scoop to 12oz of 1% milk and have a shake in the morning and a shake for lunch and then just eat reasonable portions of what my family eats for dinner. So far I have lost 32 pounds in a month with ease! If this keeps up I won't even need to have surgery!

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  • Great flavor., (GD2 AZ)

    Perfect for smoothie meal substitute.

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  • great taste, (froggie1 CA)

    My husband won't drink any other whey drink but this one. He loves the vanilla; says he doesn't mind this one since it makes him feel like he's drinking a treat.

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  • Secure, (Okle16 NY)

    Ive been using the soy Secure for years and I also like this. I have a request,if Andrew would have bags of the Sucress and make his chocolate in chips for baking

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  • Delicious , (wildflower16 TX)

    Very filling and great tasting.

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  • Mintygirl, (mintgirl KS)

    Very satisfying product. Great taste. Mixes well with almond milk and strawberries

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  • Best Ever!, (nicksmomalways CA)

    I have been using Secure Whey for years because doctor advised me to stay away from soy. I was so delighted that this was included last month as a monthly special. I wish it was offered in more servings but I appreciate Andrew including it in a price break. I also commend Pro Labs customer service for always answering my emails . I think it would be fun to visit the factory and see where all the magic happens! Thanks Andrew for your care and dedication ..Denise

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  • Happily Surprised, (sterly MO)

    So happy to stumble across this on HSN last week. I make smoothies every day and mine were getting a bit boring plus I really did need to add something healthy so took a chance on this. Same day it arrived I added a scoop and ice to my usual berry smoothie and WOW seriously delicious. This tastes so GOOD !! Very very happy customer

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  • Yummy!, (tinaTexas1 TX)

    This is my second order. I start everyday with one of these shakes. Fills me up and tastes great. Sometimes, I add a little organic banana or blueberries. Tastes great with a spoonful of almond or peanut butter.

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  • really good, (myelvislife TX)

    There was more than 10 servings in here; probably 15! Good taste, and it keeps me full for hours. I would buy again.

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  • The Best, (Brooke1083 NY)

    This the best protein supplement that I have ever used. There is no after taste. I have bought several containers and use it every day. The coffee flavor is the best.

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  • Great product , (dianatxz04 CT)

    I have been taking this product for 2 or 3 months. Only take it ones a day. Has help me lose 20lbs in almost 3 months. I have never try a shake that really help me and keep my weight off and that really works. Yes I do a bit of exercise and eating more healthy than before. Very happy to find a product that really works and help me in my journey. Cant thank you enough

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  • The best , (Mimis10 IL)

    i love this product, simply the best.

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  • best prod, (catnap7 WA)

    this prod is amazing i add coffee peanut butter banana and a splash of milk with ice and water to it the best tasting and makes you feel great

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  • I love it!, (cedar3569 NY)

    Thanks to this I am able to keep my weight in check during covid in my home orders! So grateful I found this product. Now my entire family uses these meal replacements! Chocolate and pina colada are the best! Ive tried all the flavors even the soy ones.

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