Signature Club A Rapid Transport C Serum with Adjustable Color Drops

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  • Love it, (meggietoad OR)

    I don't think this is meant to be a foundation but it sure works as such for me. I've tried much more expensive products that don't work nearly as well. Will order again.

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  • Serum with Adjustable Color Drops, (temperaturetaker NJ)

    Some people have complained about losing the makeup from the dropper. I found a way! I pull the dropper out and roll the dropper on my two fingers, dab my face, then push the makeup around. This works well for me. I'm now on auto-ship. I love your products Adrienne.

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  • Perfect for dry skin, (Mimmye TX)

    I love this product. I have dry skin and it works very well hydrating my skin. I understand the "dropper" use but it makes storing the product anyway but sitting strait up causes lots of waste & can leak. Also makes it hard to travel with. The product does stain my towels if the dropper dribbles...otherwise I would have given the product 5 stars.

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  • review, (cajungrammy MT)

    I am not sure I received the right color. It appears darker than the shade I ordered. However I am pleased that I can wear the foundation and it doesn't cause my eyes to water and burn. Except for the color I am well pleased.

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  • great coverage, (chipster162 PA)

    As thin or as heavy as you like it. Works great over their capsules

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  • Good stuff, (sotopepe NY)

    Great coverage and softens the wrinkles so you don't see them as much. It also makes your skin feel smooth....

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  • Too dark for me, (Shopper904 TX)

    I wish the "light" was lighter.

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  • A must, (nina793 TX)

    The first time I ordered I got the medium or #2, which works fine for me. I decided to go ahead and order the lighter #1 as the winter months come on I can lighten up my color some. It's very moisturizing and I like the benefits of the C Serum. I use the Aragon Oil line, but add the C line for extra benefits. It all works well together. I have no complaints about any of the products in either line that I have ordered. I'm 63 and like the lighter covered for, but still have color. I would recommend to anyone who wants a lighter coverage, but still have good coverage.

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  • Happy with this, (BSB4EVER IL)

    Good product for days you really do not want to wear much make up. I like the quality of the Vit C, just wish it covered a little more. I really like Adrienne's products.

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  • Wonderful!!!! , (PhillyinCheryl FL)

    Love it !!! great cover age

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  • Great, (cookie448 NV)

    Very nice product. Goes on smooth with adequate coverage. Skin feels soft You can even sleep with it on !

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  • 30 days ?, (AlicatAZ AZ)

    No results in 3 weeks. I had to return before 30 days were up. 30 day return is kind of a joke when most beauty products take 30 days to see results!

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  • Love it, (Molly602 CA)

    As usual, Adrienne came out with a great product. Easy to spread, looks good on face.

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  • Great to use daily, (abmed AZ)

    This product is easy to use and makes your skin look amazing. A little too runny, but use the beauty blender and it will work great! This is for days when you want just a splash of color while still getting your vitamin C which is great for the skin,.

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  • TERRICE, (Barbara923 NJ)

    I love this product and have used it every day. My skin looks good and i feel goo.

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