Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 6.5" HD+ Tracfone Bundle with 1500 Min/Text/Data

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  • Best Cell Phone for Under $300, (birdie981 MN)

    Best cell phone for the money! Excellent camera, great reception.Upgraded to Android 12 on the first day. Was able to transfer all my apps and data from a prior model.The case is not great but a better case is available for about $8.00.

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  • Better phone, (joseph212 MD)

    The phone is the best one I've had so far .the increase in memory is a plus

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  • Samsung A32, (KennyBee FL)

    I really appreciate the larger battery in this cell phone. My other Samsung was only rated at 3000 and this is 5000. Picture quality is so much better and the phone seems to quickly move from one screen to another without hesitation. Im still learning about all the features of the cameras. So far so good.

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  • GREAT PHONE, (bluejeans1 MA)


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  • Great phone, (reedi PA)

    It was easy to transfer everything from my former Galaxy, including contacts and apps. Every phone I get is better than the last. Tracfone service is great!

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  • GREAT PHONE!!!, (AnimalLover24 NV)

    I bought this cell phone because it's 5G and has double the memory of my old phone. Has so many GREAT FEATURES!!!! I love my new phone and I love TracFone. I have just bought a second one for a gift. Highly recommend.

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  • angel smith, (malky2 WV)

    i love the phone it is fast got a lot of stuff

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  • Awesome Phone - if You Receive One From a Good Lot, (LanaBanana78 NE)

    As some of the other reviews have talked about - the first phone I received had issues. On the third day, the phone would not stop restarting. After troubleshooting, I suspect that there is at least one app compatibility issue - possiby Tracfone Device Pulse. I arranged for an exchange to try again & this one seems okay so far. The setup was a little different than the first one, this leads me to believe that it's from a different lot. Plus, this one gave me the option to reject Device Pulse.

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  • Phone has issues, (1896 MI)

    Pixels are not working...screen is obliterated with crazy pixels about once a day. takes it 2 or 3 times to reboot. luckily I bought the HSN 3 year protection plan...sending back for a replacement.

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  • A32 BAD, (caqueenie CA)

    On my second one and something truly wrong with A32. My first one after 5 months just started to basically short out, screen would go wierd, could not access network and then would put me on emergency calls only and warped. On my second A32 and now cannot roam when outside of my county of residence and approx 4 times a week now states lost network and places me on emergency call status unless I completely power down. Still cannot roam though. TRASH!

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  • not new phone, (beulah88 KS)

    I purchased this product, under the assumption that it was a new phone. Not the case. I started to add contacts and there were already contacts in the phone. Went to log into facebook, and someone else's e-mail was already there. The phone has turned out to be a piece! six months in, it stopped connecting to data and now won't let me take calls. Buyer beware. I did contact customer service and they were great. I declined a new phone for personal reasons.

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  • Bad batch, (telulabelle NY)

    Purchased this phone had it for one week and it died. Was sent a replacement phone activated it and one hour later it died. This batch has issues!

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  • Don't buy, (get1now TN)

    Defective. Would start by itself, screen would go blank. I sent back but if something is defective HSN should not charge you anything. Do not recommend.

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  • Do NOT buy this phone, (CuriousAgain CO)

    I activated this phone on 1/11/22. It is 1/26/22. Twice I've had it say "I'm not connected to a network", rebooted & got service back. Today, I'm cut off of a call, this comes up, I reboot. Boom!! Big screen of checkerboards on the screen, can't turn it off. Then it goes black & now will not even turn on. This is the 2nd time I've had these checkerboards & the weird noise that goes with it, but this time the phone simply will not even turn on. Going back for good!!!

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  • Nice phone while it lasted ..., (Samsungfan NY)

    I enjoyed this phone for a little over 2 weeks. Then it started flashing a black/white checkered screen and shut down within a half hour. It would not start or charge after that. Fortunately had time to return it.

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