Root Assassin Serrated Edge 48" Mini Shovel

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  • Perfect, (Jamison321 SC)

    This shovel is worth its weight in gold. I was able to remove two deeply rooted bushes that I wasn't able to budge with my regular shovel. It cut right through my tough roots with ease. I am so thrilled I purchased it.

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  • I dig it big time!, (Meezerlover75 TN)

    My husband dug up three huge ten-year-old Holly shrubs in no time flat with this shovel. I was amazed how this thing tore through thick roots without killing my husbands back. This is a must for plowing through thick plant roots and hard clay soil.

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  • Ha to tough roots, (clawsy IL)

    This broke thru some tough roots so I could dig up several unwanted weeds and small invasive large stalk plants. Good job

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  • Might be my favorite purchase.... EVAH, (KENNYMONKEY MA)

    Every year, I buy myself a unique present. This year, I bought myself this shovel. To remove a tree root in my neck of the woods costs approximately $25 each. I have taken up 7 roots and have a couple more to go. Shovel paid for itself a couple times over. The serrated edge is wonderful. There is nothing mini about this shovel. I am in 60s, work long, crazy hours and have little desire or energy for yard work. But is it si extremely satisfying to conquer the roots. Love it! Yup, love.

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  • Good buy, (cacounter KS)

    It works to get rid of the roots. Light weight too. It was a good buy.

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  • Love it, (KatieT416 IL)

    Actually it's my husband who loves it because he's the one digging holes to plant the roses I buy. It's very sharp and makes digging so much easier

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  • Definitely A Root Assassin, (LocaLinda IL)

    This a great tool for anyone who's got some digging up to do, regardless of one's age or upper body strength. This has become my favorite gardening tool & calling it mini is a bit misleading. While it has a smaller circumference, it's a work horse. It's wonderful & I'm not one to give easy compliments.

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    Gets the job done in less than 1/2 the time! We love our Root Assassin. We are in our 70s and are now able to do work we would normally have hire people to do.Thanks,Connie

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  • cutting edge small shovel, (joaniemaronie NY)

    totally awesome, cuts great and digs great!

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  • Does It, (hanbee27 OH)

    Sharp, in the edging and in the design. I used to get out weeds, and to dig deep planting shrubs. I like the size, as I'm petite.

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  • Great device, (Dot631 PA)

    Was able to dig out. 4year old ornamental grass without help. Have used several times with good results. Did I mention Im 70 years old

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  • The best! , (Meghs TX)

    Seriously the best tool I own. Ive been able to cut through grass and roots of plants!

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  • Wow, (sweetpea0406 NM)

    It looks like it could go through and cut anything and dig a hole anywhere

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  • Shovel, (hi12 CA)

    Never received

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