Rolling Garden Work Seat with Storage Tray

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  • Best Garden and everything cart, (Sweetpea543 OR)

    Used my cart today for 1st time-it is sturdy, wheels roll easily, great to stand up after sitting on it. Actually used today in garage to clean bottom shelvesawesomenext Ill take it outside to pull weeds which I can reach from sitting position. Just what I needed so not down on my knees. Great product!

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  • Love it, (Bellgal OH)

    So sad that there are so many bad reviews due to the fact that they werent able to assemble it. Was able to assemble myself. Read the instructions first and laid out all the screws, bolts and washers in order of assembly. Will love using this in my garden and inside as well.

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  • Awesome, (Teampsych MI)

    What a shame! This thing is neat. Too bad most of these reviews are based on their own inability to put this together and not the functionality of this item. You can use this for alot. Also seems strong, metal parts nice. I will use this inside and out. Gonna be painting soon, will work great for cutting in on the bottom. If you can't assemble, try to have someone do it for you, my husband had it done in 30 minutes tops. Otherwise I would have done it myself, with a little patience.

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  • No problems with assembly!, (Thisshopper CA)

    I have not yet used this outside. It's still in my living room assembled. It's quite sturdy. It arrived completely disassembled. The directions were easy to follow, after utilizing a magnifying glass -the pictures were quite small. It took about 45 minutes to assemble. Not because of difficulty, but because I was watching TV at the time and took my time. Incidentally, I am a 72-year old woman.

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  • cool cart, (MS-JOANIE FL)

    This cart is awesome! In fact, I use it so much you might want to add a cushion seat and a handle for pulling. I love it!

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  • not asembled, (farriswheel KS)

    I think this is going to be handy to use in the garden and flower beds. It took me 2 hours to put together, I had to get help, needed four hands.

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  • crazyshopper, (robo24 MO)

    I wish it was about 10 inches taller. I needed this to work on garden. I have bad knees and it is just way to low to the ground, I will fall trying to sit down that low.

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  • Not Very Sturdy, (Jerrywk OH)

    We assembled this product and just leaning on it to get up off the ground it bent sideways. My opinion, it's not a very sturdy product. Returning.

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  • Handy on screen, (msv419 WA)

    I had no problems putting this together. In fact, I was sitting on it, realizing my mistake and had it disassembled and boxed back up in about 75 minutes. IT DOES NOT TURN! You must physically stand up or squat up, turn the seat towards the direction you want to go in then sit back down. Now if I were rolling straight from WA to Detroit, 2200 miles of straight line Id keep it. But Im not, Im a Caregiver who thought this could come in handy and be a little entertaining to use. But it aint!

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  • HORRIBLE, (misty525 CA)

    I am 75 with arthritis in my hands. I dont know how you expect anyone to assemble this. I sent it back same day! Worse product I have ever ordered from HSN. Don't be tempted unless you are a skilled mechanic.

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  • Cant assemble!, (dlrst NY)

    I did not know I had to assemble it. Tried for several hours. Directions not clear to me. Thinking about returning.

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  • BAD DESIGN, (Shar517 CO)

    Item was not described as having so many parts, over 50, with many small and varied size washers, etc.Returning.

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