Roku Wireless Subwoofer with 10" Driver and Cinematic Sound

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  • Awsom, (59Jeff CA)

    I ordered this and/ the Smart Soundbar to replace my old underpowered wired system. I already had a Roku tv and the wireless connection was a snap. They sounded great out of the box with a minimal amount of tone adjustments available at the time. When the latest update came down it added bass and treble adjustments and truly made it more amazing. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants to improve sound without breaking the bank.

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  • Great Sound, (SanD731 IL)

    This woofer was easy to setup and compliments the sound bar with the thunderous sound.

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  • Great addition to the Roku surround sound. , (falln2pieces FL)

    To start, this only works correctly if you have either the Roku sound bar or speakers. Alone, I don't think it will pair and it will not connect to any other audio source. Sound is great. Rattled my windows on even a lower setting. Pairs great with the sound bar and speakers for a full surround sound setup. I do suggest making it a complete set if you get any of them. I'm a sound snob and this has been the best sounding setup (at the price) I've owned.

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  • Five stars , (Kidfresh NJ)

    Just receieved my Sub,Saturday,easy to pair with my roku sharp tv,also have the wireless roku speakers,as for the sub sounds excellent with deep bass it makes a big difference with wireless speakers,but the wireless speakers alone sound excellent also,JUST BUY THE SUB.Thanks HSN.

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  • DKW, (Doug1963 PA)

    The subwoofer makes the soundbar sound great.

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