RemoBell® Wireless Wi-Fi High-Definition Video Doorbell

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  • base wifi camera/bell unit, (rob21 IN)

    It's a basic video doorbell unit; when it detects movement and /or the button is pressed, it plays a ring sound outside but alerts your phone that you have a guest or it detects motion. However, if you want to have a doorbell ringer inside you have to purchase the USB "indoor chime" module ( but the unit works just fine

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  • Awesome, (tuttiebet FL)

    Extremely satisfied with this device!

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  • works great, (swatmancia CA)

    very easy to install and setup. Works great. Not much of a warranty. The only thing i like is a replacement if the unit is stolen from my door.

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  • Remobell, ( MD)

    It works well, looks like I need to upgrade my wi-fi services on Verizon.

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  • Returned these item, (edyrose1 TX)

    Need to purchase another plan for monitoring. No doorbell in house. Must kept phone by you st all times

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  • Problem Solved, (MzDeb131 NV)

    I bought this for my mom who is too short to see through her peephole on the front door. Now she has the ability to see everything. The only problem is that my mom doesnt have a smartphone, so she has to use the iPad to see who is at the door. The iPad will only ping if it is in use. It should have the same capability as the smartphone. A ping should come from iPad even if the iPad is not in use. Because of this problem, the battery life on her iPad is greatly reduced. Other than that, the Remobell is great.

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  • Sorry I purchased this product, (dcdataarts TX)

    HSN video says it comes with rechargeable batteries. It didn't. Batteries included but not rechargeable. Batteries do not last. Very difficult to replace when they run out.I am very disappointed but it's too late to return.They need to change the bracket that it installs to. Very difficult to mount.

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  • Unhappy, (quigley9 TN)

    Was not told that upload of 1 or better to be able to use it

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  • Have to return, (b1j2s3 MO)

    Not very disappointed but somewhat. It doesnt ring to let me know anyone is on porch doesnt pick any motion unless u r right in front of camera. Mailman was on porch getting ready to leave when it alerted me by time I downloaded he was down the street Picks up no traffic no noise comes from it what so ever. Have to actually push doorbell and can not hear if in back of house. Have to have phone at all times to know someone is at door. I read reviews knew it wasnt the best but never expected it not to do anything

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  • Will be returning, (bcrawford0913 CA)

    I understand the lack of features to save battery but this door bell picks up cars driving by but not people walking up to my door which is rather pointless. so basically unless is right infront of the door which is not possible with most homes it won't sense anything. The camera and video work great so I'm extremely bummed. Set up was easy it just doesn't work for me

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  • Terrible product, (cdwhat AZ)

    This will be the last item I ever buy from HSN i have returned every item I have purchased because of the terrible quality. And this is definitely in that category they say you get what you pay for and let me tell you I remember when 100.00 bought you a quality product but not these days. The video quality is terrible we had the internet him and even add a booster by the door that didn't help. They always make items to be so amazing and this one is so bad. I should of bought a RING

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  • Not very sturdy, (BCFeher NV)

    The plastic plate that is needed to secure the unit is cheap plastic and broke as we tried to install the unit.They should make it out of metal!Still waiting to get the unit operational but if the rest of it is as junky as the plate, I'd suggest you pass this by.

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  • Worse ever product, (SHARONEVANS MD)

    Video quality is bad

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  • Returning it, (Big_AL_Va VA)

    It is marketed as coming with rechargeable batteries, it came with plain batteries.When you press the doorbell, it rings outside but does not alert you on he app.Motion detection is spotty. Walking in my front door, by the time the recording starts I am out of its view. Going to get a RING doorbell instead.

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