ReadyWise Powdered Eggs Kit with 144 Servings

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  • Now we can have Eggs any way we want!!, (catladyinpajamas ME)

    I like the pouches!! We have eggs in cans and there is too much there to use at one time. The pouches will be more convenient!! I have a bag of bacon all cooked and crumbled up just waiting to try those eggs out!!

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  • ORANGE EGGS, (Yaya71403 CA)

    I had these eggs for about a year when we decided to try them. After many attempts to open the bucket we did. Inside the pouch was orange powder. It was so off putting by the color we didnt try them. What a waste of money.

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  • not satisfied with total purchase, (CarolynnaM MO)

    I bouth the eggs along with 2 purifying water bottles. The water bottles were poorly made and not worth the 30.00 price. Gave me no confidence in the eggs at 150.00 per carton. NO RETURN LABEL INCLUDED. Have to return on your own, which was not readily made clear at point of sale. Called cust svc, was denied a return label for any of it.

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  • Taste Great, (unique4me FL)

    Tried these powered eggs for both scrambled eggs and for baking. Easy to use and taste eggs!

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  • Be prepared for any disaster., (KB4Ak CA)

    Have not tried the eggs. Saving this for a disaster. Live in land of earthquakes in S. California. Experts say be prepared for over a week. Wonderful the food lasts up to 25 years. Only drawback is that it has to be kept below a certain temperature - was it 67 degrees, or maybe low 70's? Where I live that means it goes in the house. Believe it is mandatory in any home. Might help out lower income people, too. I'm ready for a disaster in other ways, too. Hope u are as well.

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  • Very nasty, (catloveone NY)

    No matter what you put in them they tasted very bad very nasty

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  • Great storage container , (pilot84 PA)

    Well first n foremost I didnt try the product simply because it was purchased as long term survival food. It arrived quickly, in good condition, n will sit on the shelf until all heck hits the fan or the 10 year storage limit is reached at which time I will eat it , hopefully at which time I will give a respectful review!

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  • Horrible!, (tempoper OH)

    I just looked at this bucket, and the wrong item was sent. Mine had sausage mixed with the egg, and I could not eat, as it was horrible! Please send what I order!

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  • Good to have, (CHICPOSHMOM186 NY)

    Happy I have this stowed away in case of emergency. I opened the bucket no problem and used a pouch when I didn't have eggs for a recipe. Very handy to have indeed!

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  • perfect, (lunchlady57 CO)

    I have not tried any of the Wise products I have purchased, recently or previously. They are stored away for emergency use. I based my purchase on the company's reputation and the variety and packaging of the product. I am expecting it to be perfect for when I need it.

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  • Ordered & paid but delivered to someone else!!, (Arden1966 FL)

    I have been waiting on this product, as I thought it was a good idea.I looked thru my orders & it had been delivered within 1 week of ordering!! All I can say is I really hope that the people who received it really needed it.Anyway, I called HSN CUSTOMER SERVICE, & they were great about it, as I have ordered plenty & this has never happened before.They graciously took it off My account & were going to investigate with UPS as to where it was left.Now I have e had neighbors bring packages that were dropped off at a different address other than mine .......BUT THEY ALWAYS BROUGHT THE PKG BACK TO THIS ADDRESS!!!!!!Oh yes, they are out of the eggs, so I probably will never get t;e product.

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  • Horrible!!!!, (freud CT)

    Would love to review the eggs, but cannot because pkgs come in a bucket and top is impossible to remove. It is like bucket top is glued on. Called number on back of bucket to company and I called 3x and they were folks who gave samples out? And had no idea their products were sold on HSN!! What king of an operation is this Wise company?? Too much of a struggle. And this product was way too expensive to have this much of a hassle! Back it goes!

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