RCA 10.1" 32GB 2-in-1 Tablet with 2MP Front Camera and Voucher

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  • Instructions/Charge, (nina89 FL)

    I like it but it does not stay charged for a long time, it gets discharged over night, I did not get instructions on how to do a lot of things like how to erase pictures etc. If you can send me some instructions I will appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Laptop, (Bonnie156 RI)

    I love this laptop, easy set up, good quality.

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  • Gift, (cake5 PA)

    My sister loves this tablet. she had another rca it broke..said this one much nicer than the one she bought last year from hsn..

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  • Would recommend. Will buy again for Xmas gift, (mzkitty5 AL)

    Gift 2 myself. Love the color. Dont have 2 wait 4 downloads.

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  • Great little tablet, (sohlsister FL)

    I have a laptop which is getting old so picked this up. Love it. Pretty fast and so easy to use..and for the price u can't beat it.

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  • screen, (screen1 CO)

    Like tablet but the screen is really getting scratched up bad from being closed and that sucks.

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  • Good little/midsize tablet, (IamGigiNotU AR)

    I bought this for my mom for Christmas but she was about to buy something else so I gave it to her early. I set it up and installed everything. It was easy and fairly fast processing. Im in my mid 40s and Im used to Android and iOS systems. The voucher for the Home office worked and was a nice extra. She likes the keyboard but is getting used to not having a mouse she is in her 70s and I dont think she could have set this up by herself, but Im happy with my purchase so far!

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  • RCA 10.1" Tablet, (marvinc5 FL)

    The tablet seems to work just fine. I still can't figure out how to talk and let the tablet type the message that I want to e-mail. When the Chinese write "user manuals" they aren't very good at doing so. They hardly can speak any English that can be understood but their "understanding" of the words that they write is terrible. If they are going to sell Americans their products then they should have an American writing their user manuals so we can understand how to use their products.

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  • 10" Tablet, (VamJ GA)

    This is the first tablet I have owned-for the price it is reasonable within its capabilities. Yes, it somewhat slow to load or react when clicking on an app; but all of that is ok for me when watching a movie, youtube or listening to music and strolling social media. I would recommend this product for first-time users.

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  • Dula, (Soldout57 NY)

    I am very disappointed that the battery on this device is useless. I do not think that one hour is sufficient for me to get my things done. The battery dies in about one hour and fifteen minutes. I have to keep it plugged in, to use it for a period of time. Beside the battery dying I think that it is ok otherwise.

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  • Nice little tablet , (wideawake NC)

    I too had an issue with my activation codes but emailed nova development support. They sent me a new code the next day and now I'm all set. It's just the size I was looking for and serves its purpose.

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  • charging , (blake59nic1959 NC)

    It is slow and charging port is nothing that is common. Looks like an old charging device.

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  • Did not like, (Dawn0813 KY)

    Very pretty keyboard case with this tablet. I just did not like it. I am used to my laptop, but unfortunately it crashed the other day. I thought this might be a cheap alternative to get me by for a while without purchasing another expensive laptop. It was really too small for my needs. I hate the way certain apps work on it, so I did the factory reset and returned it. Would be great for a kid though.

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  • Indifferent, (BigBaby23 TN)

    This device runs really slow. The download is really slow. The videos look good.

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  • disappointed, (joel776 TN)

    Looks great. won't run . rec'd. unit pressed the go button. It ask me for ad wi-fi address and it ask for a security. I didn't the security code with me so I laid it down and thought I would look at it later, my granddaughter stopped by and picked it up and the screen kept asking for a four digit no. as I never put a 4 digit no. in it I don't no what to do except to take it to someone with more computer smarts than I have to make it run. l have idea what that is going to cost.

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