Rarities Gold-Plated Multigemstone 34" Necklace

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  • nice style, bad-quality stones, (Wif1 AR)

    Loved the style of this necklace - 3 stars for that. I bought both the fluorite and ametrine, as I'm a fan of both gems and have other jewelry with these stones. But unfortunately in both necklaces the bi-color was over-stated and just wasn't there in most of the stones. Can't justify keeping, so will return both with sadness.

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  • Pretty necklace, but..., (DOGFACEVII FL)

    ...the majority of stones are cloudy and dull. There are two shiney ones near the bottom, but the others just look like dusty amethyst. There is some citrine in each one, but I just don't get a wow from this piece. I am a fan of ametrine, but this pretty necklace is not a good example. I really like the carving, though. Just cannot justify keeping, especially at the price.

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  • No yellow in stones, (Rascal77 FL)

    The necklace itself is pretty if you like just light purple. As stated all stones will not be the same however, there is no yellow in any of the stones. Not actually Amertrine.

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