Rarities Gold-Plated Gemstone Enhancer Pendant with Beaded Necklace

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  • Missing stone, (starfish210 WA)

    I read where another person purchased the labradorite and a stone was missing on bail...well I received mine with a stone missing on the bail...what are the odds that HSN sent me her return? Not happy

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  • Poorly Made, (purple661 CA)

    I ordered this piece on Feb 2, 2022. I just had the string shred that holds the beads. It literally looked like it had been ripped off my neck. The jewelry thread is crappy.

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  • Noto as expected, (TxGran1128 TX)

    Just not as lovely as I hoped. Was to have been a gift for a precious blue-eyed d-i-l.Would have been embarrassed to give this to her.Returned item.

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  • Beautiful, (jewelry_is_me_t2 NY)

    Gorgeous piece of labradorite

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  • So Sad, (dog-days WA)

    I loved this necklace but it was too short. I couldn't wear it. Please make this pendant but put on a longer chain.

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  • Strike two!, (Kittens252 NY)

    While this is a beautiful necklace, and goes with all my blue outfits, it is NOT a good quality. I had to return the first one, because the pendant was cracked! I wore the second one, and it left blue dye all around my neck!!! I had bought a similar lapis bracelet, and wore that with it. No dye was left on my wrist!

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  • Rarities Gemstone Enhancer/Necklace, (gratefulgirl5 MI)

    I purchased the labradorite and the lapis. Sadly, one of the enhancers had broken off from the necklace. The labradorite enhancer was lovely. The beads on the necklace were gray, not the color of the enhancer. The lapis enhancer was placed in an odd position of the necklace. As I tried to take it off to move so it would hang in the center, I realized how thin and delicate the enhancer mechanism was! I was afraid to tug any more than I did for fear it would break. Had to return.

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  • Poor quality, (TeriM2 AZ)

    The first time I wore this item, it stained my neck a dark blue. Clearly not a pure gem but a dyed one. Avoid!

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  • beautiful, (jill313 OH)

    this necklace and pendant are beautiful and the price was great too for lapis. I love it!

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  • Returned, (Mitzvot613 IL)

    The pendant did not stay attached securely to the necklace.I am sure I would lose it at one point. The stone was just ok .

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  • Lapis necklace, (Sadie59 TX)

    Terrible quality !! Dye from beads rubbed off on my white shirt around the neck !! Wouldnt recommend this necklace to anyone

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  • Desappointed, (AZCJ AZ)

    The center stone was why I bought this piece but although pretty, it had the appearance of being pitted - all of my other lab pieces from Carole and others do not have this so it was an inferior stone - the necklace on TV was full looking but torned out to be very ok but the clasp was very cheap looking - its going back!

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  • The third is the charm , (FUN57-NJ NJ)

    First ordered in labradorite. Missing a white zircon stone. HSN wouldnt let me do an exchange because lapis was on waitlist. Second one ordered was the rutilated quartz. Pendant had a huge crack down the middle although the beads were very interesting.Waited for the replacement to come before returning necklace #2. Necklace #3 was perfect, however, the necklace lengths were a different length by 2-3 beads. Quality control needs to be better.

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  • Gemstones Great Quality control needs help, (cmofsocal CA)

    Beautiful find with designer aka manufacture defects. Ordered 3 of these gems, however, now I need to look closely at the other two. The labraorite was about 3-5 beads shorter than the other two. The pendant does not close. Will have professionally fix. Sadly, will probably continue with my JK. Please my dear, lack of quality control showed not match the great reduced price. 3 star because Designer is established and should have a say with quality control.

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  • Total disappointment , (lilma69 NC)

    1st necklace received had a fracture in front of pendant and the gold overlay was inconsistent. Looks more like some firm if copper dusting. Replacement received had a fracture and visible chip on back. Total disappointment

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