Rarities Gold-Plated Gemstone and White Zircon Framed Ring

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  • Beautiful , (DavesValentine MI)

    The malachite and citrine is just stunning. It glows with color.

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  • beautiful but roken, (MMZ TX)

    I was so happy that the ring arrived today but unfortunately the green stone is broken in two so I'm returning tomorrow morning. My size is no longer available but hope i returns:(

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  • Serene, (ReinaMaMa CA)

    I got the larimar style. There's something soothing of how the colors shifts with the labradorite and the larimar. The grays and the blues. Cool and calm. This is the glam ring for coastal grandma vibe.

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  • Big YES on this one., (slimshady911 NJ)

    I am late posting this review since I've had the ring about a month now. I have worn it out a couple of times and the stones stayed secured. I was concerned about that as well, I was afraid maybe something would come loose. My ring was fine. I got the moonstone/opal combination one. The stones have a ton of sparkle and the ring has great presence on the hand...not too heavy, just great appearance. I feel glamorous when I wear it!

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  • Dissatisfied , (at48 FL)

    Order on 6/22 and never received it. HSN was nice enough to send a replacement, but the ring was delivered with center larimar stone sitting in a plastic bag out of the ring. Obviously sending it back.

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  • Beautiful, (popcorn311 UT)

    I purchased the rainbow moonstone. Just lovely.

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  • I purchased the moonstone, (MsMedusa OH)

    I love rainbow moonstone and this ring does not disappoint. I don't have to search for color flashes b/c they're quite obvious. The colored opals are quite nice as well but I do have concerns about how long they'll stay secure in their settings. I've purchased other Rarities rings w/this type of halo and immediately lost a stone. I really want to buy the labradorite as well but I'll wait to see how long these halo stones stay put. I can recommend it w/reservation.

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  • Pretty-But, (smwinstar OH)

    I bought two of these rings. They both arrived with a stone inside the bag. I so loved the look of this ring. I loved the faceting of both stones. Too bad the setting for the halo stones aren't that secure.

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  • Bye Bye Briolette, (Lrod88 PA)

    There were enough redeeming qualities about the two rings I bought, the Malachite and the Moonstone, to warrant keeping both. The center stones were lovely and the halo of Briolette-cut stones on each offset the flashy rainbow Moonstone and the rich green of the Malachite handsomely. I wore the Malachite first, but within several hours, noticed a shining stone on my desk: One of the citrine briolettes had fallen out of the ring, simply while I was doing paperwork! What a shame! Back they go.

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  • Just ok , (heartach PA)

    My rings all 4 I bought were ok. The Malachite had so much black in it. Sent back. My worry are the side stones

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  • Sparkles, (Junkiej WA)

    This ring is so beautiful. The moon stones sparkle like crazy. My ring has a lot of blue in it. I do wish the labradorite was a little darker though.

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  • Buynow!, (reil15650 PA)

    The briolettes give off so much sparkle and the facet malachite is different. A great combination.

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