Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Loving the Cleaner Air!, (Starrysky CA)

    At first, was so noisy. Sounded like a cranking or sputtering motor! If I laid it flat (not standing up) it was quiet. Thought would have to return. Then hours later, turned it on and it was so QUIET so kept it. Use it at night on low in Bedroom. Immediately noticed a difference in cleaner air. No more watery eyes or stuffy nose in mornings as sometimes occurred. A few times, the sputtering loud sound came back, but now it has been EXTREMELY QUIET. Nice portable size and great nightlight.

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  • Perfect!!!, (TNT22 MS)

    I have a much bigger purifier, but have fallen in love with this one because it is portable. I plan to order another one for my office. It make a BIG difference in my air quality.

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  • Removes odors, (Removes_odors CO)

    We have a hall bath with no ventilation, so we needed an air purifier to eliminate embarrassing odors. This product does the job for us!

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  • Great, (KayKay228 PA)

    This guy does the job

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  • Best purifier, (jaspermaya MA)

    I received this a wwek or so ago and I cannot believe how good this works. It does everthing it says. My cat litter dust is gone.

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  • It Works!, (StarWarsFan6 CA)

    I have felt an improvement in the air quality of my home since using it last year. It works well that I have gifted relatives with it. They love it too.

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  • The Best, (Gala11 FL)

    This Air Purifier is the best air purifier I've ever owned. I'm allergic to certain scents and to dust and this item clears away all these allergens.

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  • Best air purifier!!!, (Massiel3004 NJ)

    I have really bad allergies since, this has definitely helped and I am able to have better sleep.The air quality is notorious and keeps my room dust free.I love the timer and the fan speed option. I use the high speed for bed time as a white noise and medium when I am reading.

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  • Love it, (Ber64 PA)

    I love this air purifier. I have it in my daughter's room. It is quiet and she loves that it has a blue light that can be on or off.

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  • Great for allergy suffers!, (MMShu SD)

    We run our Pure Filter (in the bedroom) on high during the day and then switch it to sleep mode at night. After the first day, I woke up and could not believe the difference it made in just one day! The normal congestion I had previously experienced every morning when I woke up was vastly improved! Great for allergy sufferers!

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  • Halo Hepa Air Purifier, (HappyCali CA)

    I start buying Christmas gifts early. These were gifts for the bedrooms for daughter, grandson, & son. They've all told me how much they love them & that they sleep better and longer. I have a larger one in living room but I'm upset I forgot to get myself one.Will definitely buy again for myself.

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  • Great product , (Magitagal FL)

    Great product. Had to order a second one.

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  • purezone desktop air purifier, (jdrdenver CO)

    I received my air purifier and LOVE It! This is my second one, the first one is in my living room, so I ordered one for the bedroom. It looks great. I will be ordering a 3rd one for my granddaughters room.

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  • Great Air Purifier, (ZandD TX)

    I love the color (graphite) and how it fits with the theme of our room. It definitely has made the air quality in my room a lot better. We can definitely tell the difference it has made.We own two others on top of this one.

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  • Great, (jadasch SD)

    Great product! Cant wait for this to help my child with her allergies.

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