Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Made me cough too much, (kabw00 NY)

    I bought this for the winter because when it gets cold, here in the Northeast, I do not open my windows until spring and the outside is semi-nice. About a week after I started using this, I started coughing. I usually turn it on in the morning and keep it on all day. I do a lot of things outside and spend the afternoons inside. When I do not turn it on, I do not cough. It goes in my storage room because I am sure it will cost too much to return it. Lesson learned.

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  • Beware, (Faceoff5 MD)

    HSN, sent me use item, to return it, was $47.65. The item did not count that much. Im starting to believe what people are saying about HSN. Getting over on people and cost to much to send back. No need to keep because wasnt doing me any good. So I came out with nothing.. I brought two, if that one dont work I will trash and stop buying from HSN

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  • not what expected, (Grunt514 GA)

    I had had hepa air filters and knew I needed one for the new house. I should have known that I would get what a paid for. The filter is NOT WASHABLE so according to the information enclosed with the product, I will have to buy a new filter in 6 months. So I am off to the box store to spend the $150. for a HEPA filter I do not have to replace in6 months and the "pre-filter" that I can wash.

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  • Light not working on purifiers, (jmeeks TX)

    I ordered 1 and an extra filter. I did not receive the extra filter. Instead of the extra filter I received two purfies the lights do not work on ither of them. They are out of stock and cannot be replaced. Sorry I have to send them back. Both boxes were damaged in shipping so maybe thats why the lights do not work.

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  • Too much noise on High, (rorolinda OR)

    I could not believe on High I could not hear my TV. Works fine on Low and Med, but I like to use during the day on High. I also bought a replacement Filter. Unfortunately I threw away all the packaging and now I am stuck with this critter. Buyer be aware...... AND there is no handle to pick up this unit - Very awkward. Wish I had not bought this one.

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