Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Repeat Happy Customer, (Brandi_D3 SC)

    Just purchased a second Halo Air Filter. The first was placed in my son's bedroom. It has helped with his allergies and filters out so much dust. The new filter is for the bathroom with the litter box!

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  • Love it!, (Abc31 NY)

    I have bought this as a gift as my boyfriend suffers from allergies. He loves it and so do I. Its pretty quiet for sleep (we use it in the bedroom) and has modes for different strength of operation. Thinking of getting another one. Great price too.

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  • Not as demonstrated, (ckBG WA)

    The demo on these air purifiers was so positive that I purchased 2. After almost 4 weeks in my 10x12 bedroom, I still smell smoke at various times of the day. The second purifier was in a 10x10 room and odors were not eliminated. Checked the filters on both, barely any dust had been removed from the air as shown on the filter. Both rooms had closed doors and windows. I'm returning both air purifiers.

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  • Awesome Awesome Awesome , (mymy2022 FL)

    I absolutely love this product....it worked quickly, my sneezing and runny nose stopped ,I have allergies The fan is not real loud ,in fact I forgot it was on, it was very easy to tolerate. It is better than some much more expensive air purifiers I have used with UV light . I recommend it to anyone needing a good air purifier....I am buying another one I like it so much..

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  • This air purifier works!, (ikan1 GA)

    We ordered two PureZone Halo True HEPA Air Purifier for my kids who have allergies. They love them and use them every night and their allergies got so much better. I'm glad I purchased them fo them.

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  • Makes Difference!, (MarianskeLazne WA)

    We have been hit hard this year in Pacific NW with wild fires. Terribly!! Yesterday the quality of air in Seattle was the worst on this planet! This PureZone Halo is a life safer. It works great and we are so happy that we bought it in time! It really makes the difference in our home!

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  • halo purifier, (kathleen03 NY)

    very pleased.

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  • Not surprisied this item was on sale, (traz1 NY)

    Not impressed at all. Have a neighbor whose smoking is driving me insane. And there are no laws to protect town home owners. Purchased this item because according to the presentation this purifier would help clean the air. Have two of them in my bed room and the smoke is still as bad as it was prior to purchase . This is the 3rd order from hsn that has not lived up to its promises. And this will probably be my last purchase.

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  • GREAT PRODUCT!!, (obiesmom2 MO)

    I love it's portability! Does a great job capturing dust and pollen that you can actually see accumulate on the filter after awhile. Love the style as well! I purchased one several months ago at the regular price of $99 and the sale price of $49 was too amazingly good to pass up! Here's a cleaning tip I heard the brand ambassador give; use your vacuum hose to clean the carbon side of the filter. It really does work!

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  • LOVE our filter, (erin12234 CA)

    We love the filter. We feel like its really made an improvement with our overall health. Plus, it blends in well with our decor.

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  • Quiet, (Kwality0654 MI)

    I started using it yesterday and was so impressed on how quiet it is!I have done a lot of research on air purifiers and have seen many reviews on others saying how loud they are. Pleasantly surprised that I would be able to sleep with this machine. Looking forward to using it and seeing how much it helps clean the air in my home.

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  • tracfone steals your 1500 minutes, (runningwolf HI)

    so you can buy their minutes

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  • Cheryl, (CherylAG OH)

    I purchased my first air purifier and I really like its sleek design. I look forward to cleaner living as it filters our air

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  • Great Product! Highly recommend!, (mommaof03 KS)

    This Air Purifier is exactly what I needed for my living space. I was looking for something small to fit my living room/kitchen area. Its quiet and has many options for fan speed. I like the design. It's not an eye sore when people come into my house. I also like the blue light. It's a nice added touch. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a small purifier that doesn't take up a lot of space. I have noticed a difference in air quality and dust in my living room.

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  • Very quiet , (Crystalok NC)

    My son has a lot of allergy issues and we have a dog. He doesn't like a lot noise when he sleeps and this air purifier is quiet as a mouse on low. So it works out perfect. Seems to look well.

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