Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Perfect for my bedroom!, (judii88 CA)

    Really nice quality, efficient and quiet air purifier. So glad I got this.

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful
  • Kitchen odors, gone, (SHOP54 NY)

    This little but powerful air purifier has completely solved my kitchen odors problem. Whether its the smell of brewing coffee, making toast, roasting a chicken, baking a pie, my entire house smelled for hours to days if I didn't leave the windows open. I set this air filter on my kitchen counter, set the fan to level 2, and the cooking odors are snatched up and never leave the kitchen. Its small, quiet but powerful. LOVE IT.

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  • Purifier, (jrl01 GA)

    Needs a handle.

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  • Great product, (Witherspoonj6 IN)

    I recently purchased your product for use in an old smelly utility room. This product filters out the smells of the room and helps keep the rest of the house smelling fresh. I'd give your product a 5 out of 5 stars bc it's very efficient keeping the air clean.

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful
  • Excellent purchase for the price, (blackberry63 TX)

    This purifier is space efficient, quiet, and better than $500 ones I've bought from other brands!

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful
  • Great product , (Lindacat2 FL)

    I gifted these to a smoker and he said the odor is gone and room smells clean

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  • Do not buy, (chula73 MN)

    It's does not work it's worthless don't spend your money on it

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  • CLEAN AIR, (MsPerfect0510 NC)

    It is amazing how clear this Pure Halo air purifier makes the air. I could tell a difference from the very first time I used it.I like the size and the appearance of the unit. I think it is so cute. The purple light adds a touch of ambiance to a room. It is also very quiet.

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  • so far seems ok, (peppei NJ)

    easy to use, attractive. Not sure if its strong enough for my bedroom size. using it helps me wake up with congestion in morning, so I guess it is doing what it's supposed to do. Dont get that fresh room smell though.

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  • Great product, (Nicholas6939 NJ)

    This is one of my first air purifiers and it does the job well. It has 3 settings for the fan and first two are very quiet. The last setting is a bit louder but nothing crazy. I like that it has light settings and a sleep mode for no light. There is also a timer for several times which is great. Easy to use, easy to set up, and cleans the air. Great product.

    15 out of 16 found this review helpful
  • Works ok, (ShopperInCT CT)

    The air purifier works ok.The things about it that I don't like are:It's difficult to move around with no handle.The blue background light no longer works after a few uses.It would help if it had a remote.

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  • Does Nothing For Smoke, (ByTheEastBay CA)

    This product really disappointed me. My new neighbor smokes day and night. No matter how long or how often I ran this item, I received no relief. To add insult to injury, it cost almost $30.00 to return it! Unbelievable!

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  • Air Purifiers , (margy31 FL)

    They run quite and seem to make breathing easier. They look nice sitting in my rooms. I have three of them and have told my family about them

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  • No shipping skills but good product, (SalsaPgh PA)

    This arrived in the box you would get if you went to a store and put it in your cart, placed in a plastic bag and shipped. The box was caved in on one side and I could not imagine how a company with not the first clue on how to ship (and it shipped out of California from the manufacturer) could make anything good. But it does work and I have it on low in my bedroom and notice a difference. So aside from a 2 year old running the shipping department no complaints!

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  • Love how quiet it is works great, (Karebear6549 OR)

    Great very quiet

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