Pure Enrichment PureZone Halo HEPA Air Purifier

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  • The Best, (Gala11 FL)

    This Air Purifier is the best air purifier I've ever owned. I'm allergic to certain scents and to dust and this item clears away all these allergens.

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  • Best air purifier!!!, (Massiel3004 NJ)

    I have really bad allergies since, this has definitely helped and I am able to have better sleep.The air quality is notorious and keeps my room dust free.I love the timer and the fan speed option. I use the high speed for bed time as a white noise and medium when I am reading.

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  • Love it, (Ber64 PA)

    I love this air purifier. I have it in my daughter's room. It is quiet and she loves that it has a blue light that can be on or off.

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  • Great for allergy suffers!, (MMShu SD)

    We run our Pure Filter (in the bedroom) on high during the day and then switch it to sleep mode at night. After the first day, I woke up and could not believe the difference it made in just one day! The normal congestion I had previously experienced every morning when I woke up was vastly improved! Great for allergy sufferers!

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  • Halo Hepa Air Purifier, (HappyCali CA)

    I start buying Christmas gifts early. These were gifts for the bedrooms for daughter, grandson, & son. They've all told me how much they love them & that they sleep better and longer. I have a larger one in living room but I'm upset I forgot to get myself one.Will definitely buy again for myself.

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  • Made me cough too much, (kabw00 NY)

    I bought this for the winter because when it gets cold, here in the Northeast, I do not open my windows until spring and the outside is semi-nice. About a week after I started using this, I started coughing. I usually turn it on in the morning and keep it on all day. I do a lot of things outside and spend the afternoons inside. When I do not turn it on, I do not cough. It goes in my storage room because I am sure it will cost too much to return it. Lesson learned.

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  • Great product , (Magitagal FL)

    Great product. Had to order a second one.

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  • purezone desktop air purifier, (jdrdenver CO)

    I received my air purifier and LOVE It! This is my second one, the first one is in my living room, so I ordered one for the bedroom. It looks great. I will be ordering a 3rd one for my granddaughters room.

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  • Beware, (Faceoff5 MD)

    HSN, sent me use item, to return it, was $47.65. The item did not count that much. Im starting to believe what people are saying about HSN. Getting over on people and cost to much to send back. No need to keep because wasnt doing me any good. So I came out with nothing.. I brought two, if that one dont work I will trash and stop buying from HSN

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  • Great Air Purifier, (ZandD TX)

    I love the color (graphite) and how it fits with the theme of our room. It definitely has made the air quality in my room a lot better. We can definitely tell the difference it has made.We own two others on top of this one.

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  • Great, (jadasch SD)

    Great product! Cant wait for this to help my child with her allergies.

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  • RECOMMEND 100%, (Kimmer70 NY)

    Completely satisfied with my new air purifier. I am amazed already at the dust it has collected and how I feel better not breathing that in! Highly recommend!

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  • Love, (kf07 UT)

    Great product and works amazing!

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  • Great Filter For Single Rooms, (Matt151 TX)

    This filter did a great job filtering out the cat hair and dander in the air in my daughters bedroom. She would wake up in the mornings with coughing and sneezing due to our cats. Since using this filter we have noticed she sleeps more soundly and does not have the sneezing or coughing issues anymore. Plus the room air seems a lot fresher. Great product for a great price and would recommend to anyone looking for a solid room filter.

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  • Halo Air Filter, (413LD NY)

    We are thrilled with 100% of the Halo Air Purifier! Quiet and Wonderfully Efficient was the combo we were our requirements as it was purchased for our bedroom to run while we sleep- this air purifier has exceeded our requirements!We also appreciate the size- takes up very little space! So glad there is a light so that in the middle if the night we are aware where it is!Heres to healthy sleeping! hey

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