PS 200 Phosphatidyl Serine - 240 Capsules

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  • Truly works! , (gomi TX)

    Thank you. Finally a product with no bad side affects for me which is amazing! I ran out from my first order and I have noticed a change I won't be running out ever again.

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  • Good product. I recommend. , (pappichulo WY)

    Have noticed the difference in cognitive response and memory in only 3 weeks.

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  • Makes me feel better, (SugarDaisy OH)

    I used to take Zoloft and had to take Abilify to balance out the effects of the Zoloft. I quit taking them after felt fine at 1st and began feeling out of whack eventually. I really didnt want to go back to taking the meds but I wasnt ok. I gave this a try almost a year ago and I just feel good. I feel more calm and happy then I ever did on my meds and its steady. I did jump from 200 to 400 when I had to put my cat down and have stayed there.

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  • Unusual Aftertaste, (polkadot99 MI)

    Although it is too soon to determine memory effectiveness, the first thing I noticed was the bitter/unusual aftertaste of these capsules.

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  • Awesome, (Pipster60 MI)

    A family member referred me to PS 200. I had been on Prozac for over 2 years. I started getting the real meds straight from the company. My Dr had increased my dosage from 20 to 60 mg. They werent working. I decided to try PS 200 and they are definitely working. I didnt realize how much until I ran out. Its-a subtle change. An enormous game changer! Ive noticed such a difference in my mood & clarity of thoughts. I even lost weight because I wanted to eat healthier. My outlook on

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  • Notta, (hummer13 PA)

    I saw no difference what-so-ever

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  • PS 100, (southernk GA)

    Great product. I make sure I have a supply at all times. It is very helpful during extra stressful situations. I have shared it with ADD & anxiety sufferers who noticed quite a difference when taking it but more so when they werent - they realized the benefits.

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  • DM/NY, (Daze13 NY)

    I have been taking Andrew lessman supplements for the past 25 years, and have had great success with them. Prior to using his supplements OTC supplements would make me so sick and I did not see any benefits from OTC supplements. Now I'm never without his products. As a Registered Nurse and working in the pandemic, I need these products more than ever. I don't think I could have made it this far without these supplements. Thanks Andrew.

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  • Works for me, (LoriS60 PA)

    I was surprised that after my first pill I felt calmer, and more able to solve problems. I would say try it.

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  • Improved Symptoms, (rose196 TX)

    After suffering a closed head injury later diagnosed as Post Concussion Syndrome, I tried a number of supplements to help with general sharpness and word retrieval. This is the only one that produced a discernible improvement. This is not intended as a medical referral.

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  • awesome product!, (katzpaw AZ)

    you don't know what you don't know and if you don't take this product, you'll never find out! Seriously, you won't know how much clearer you will be if you don't try this for a month. I use it regularly and am 73. Nothing escapes me, either! : )

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  • Incredible Product, (KMC2012 SC)

    Since I had used a couple of other (name brand brain-improvement) formulas, I thought this might be a great alternative.I have trusted Andrew's products for quite some time, and this was no exception. Feeling a little bit clearer, thoughts and even words come easier, and I am so pleased!

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  • Thank you, (giddy-up-go NM)

    Thank you for taking the worry out of purchasing supplements. I purchase all your products in the largest available size. Friends tell me they can get it cheaper and I reply. I know this product is safe without hidden additives. I dont worry about what country it is coming from, when on sale and I. Bulk the price cant be beat, and the product has findings for use and a accurate and precise description for uses. What more can you ask for!!!!!

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  • Improves ability to think, (terrymarie MI)

    I love this product. I notice a difference in clarity of thought, memory and ability to focus. I give it to my 86 yr old mom and my husband. Don't want to be without ever. I also feel more motivated to get things done than before I took these. Also, mom's doing her crosswords again.

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  • Love them, (luv2shop3 CA)

    I find they help with my depression. They lift my mood alot. Thank you Andrew for my not having to take anti-depressants. I have a tremor and anti-depressants exacerbate the tremor. I use many of your supplements and appreciate your devotion to improving our health. God Bless you. Can't always afford but the investment is worth it!

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