PRAI Bejeweled Bee 24K Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair Serum

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  • Missing pump, (Suzyshopper15 NC)

    I ordered it twice, both times There wasnt any pump to be able to use it. Needless to say they both went back. When they come out with a different container I will try to order it again as maybe they will remember to put the pump system minutes so you can access the serum.

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  • Poor Deliver Pump and Glitter in it, (JBonWise AZ)

    Not impressive at all as a product. It actually has glitter in it. Any glow it gives would be gone after make-up applied. No better than drug store brand Pump never works unless you shake the bottle. I did not buy the product for the packaging but if it is important to you. The Decorative stone fall off and bottom of bottle fell off completely.

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  • Very nice!!!, (Karmagirl AZ)

    I love this product. I use one pump for each side of my face. It really seems to brighten my skin and diminish the fine lines around my eyes. The container is beautiful. It sparkles in the light. Just an added bonus to an already great product.!!!

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  • Not sure yet, (quey2 IN)

    Love the scent very clean and fresh. Still out on if its going to do anything. Havent noticed anything yet. Been using several weeks. Seems to tighten as it dries but thats temporary.

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  • Disappointed, (Dutchgirl05 CA)

    Disappointed. The first bottle didnt work and the second one irritated my skin. I do like other products from this company, but not the serum.

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  • Excellent!, (Health_Girl HI)

    This is more tightening than the original 24K Gold which I still use. As a test eat raw foods for 5 days & see more tightening & glow. Im not a big meat but if I do its organic chicken, no beef. Refrigerate my extra I purchased.

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  • Doesnt do it, (hipchick928 CO)

    Well tried this for 2 weeks and so wanted it to do anything. So far nothing. Not even moisture. Most definitely did not LiFT. None of her products has lived up to the hype sadly and Ive tried many.

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  • Awesome!, (Jade58 FL)

    One word. AWESOME!!!

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  • Watch for updates, (cdwladybugg FL)

    I had no product inside. ?????? I was so disappointed

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  • Seems like it will work nicely, (koobe WA)

    Mine arrived without a tube that pulls up the serum, so I've had to unscrew top and tap onto fingers to get any out. They are sending me out a replacement now. Serum feels good and not sticky. Have not had time to really use much, but loving Prai products now, I know I will love.

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  • Good Wrinkle Repair Serum, (Retireenow FL)

    I like the serum very much, however the pump does not work, so I have to open it up and shake it out in my hand. I think an eye dropper kind of system would be better.

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  • Prai is the only product for Texans., (BRONTE372 TX)

    I have tried many different productsand this one is a keeper. Although I am 80 years old this is the best I have found that works on my skin. I hate the aging process and will stick withthis product til the end. Will reorder when it come in again. As they say you can take the girl out of Texas but never take Texas out of the girl. If you hate the weather here in Texas Just wait till tomorrow. Hot in Texas so we prefer PRAI to keep our beauty.

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  • Beautiful Inside & Out!!!, (Patinal AL)

    I absolutely cannot live without all my Prai products!! Plus, I have already acquired a great collection of her beautiful jars & bottles! The serums & creams are ALL winners!!! Thank you, Cathy for all you do for us & the fur babies! Thanks, HSN for bringing us Cathy & the excellent values!!!

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  • Smooth As Silk, (BAD69 FL)

    I can really see the difference after only a few day of this product.The bags under my eyes look alot better , this product makes skin super soft

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