PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Décolletage Night Crème in Velvet Jar

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  • great neck cream, (cleanfreak66 RI)

    I used it about a month before I saw a difference. It definitely made my neck smoother and firmer. I don't really have a neck issue but for being in my 60's my neck looks better than some 40 year olds. Don't expose your neck to the sun. You'll get a wrinkled crepey neck when you're older! This helped me keep my neck nice looking.

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  • Didnt Really Work, (bertram123 MN)

    I was so hoping this would be great, but I am very disappointed. I gave it a full month to give me the kind of results they showed during the presentation, but see almost no change in my neck. The cream smells great and feels good, but my 66 year-old neck still has the horizontal lines and loose skin it had a month ago. So sorry I cant give it a better review, but the mirror doesnt lie.

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  • Love, (sweetpea0406 NM)

    So soft and creamy and your skin feels so nice

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  • Neck cream , (martica19 NJ)

    Wow wow, I received my neck cream amazing I love it the best cream that I had purchased, I cannot be without, Martica NJ

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