Phosphatidyl Choline PC Liver & Brain Granules - 60 Servings

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  • It works! , (Zoey916 IL)

    I started taking this after a blood test showed high liver enzymes. I also have ulcerative colitis, causing me to have horrible diarrhea all the time. After taking this product for only 2 weeks I stopped having diarrhea. It's been 3 months and I now have normal bowel movements, something I haven't had in years. I just had a repeat blood test to check my liver enzymes and they are normal too. This product is great, I'm happy you are offering it in the granules, I can't swallow pills. Thank you!

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  • Good stuff, (bobshsn1463 IL)

    Love this product. Makes me feel good and I know its great for my health!

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  • gift, (sabrinasmom OH)

    i gave pc grandular to my cousin as a gift years ago. she loved it and talks about it to this day. so for christmas this year i bought her another container. i expect her to be happy with her gift this year. i love all of Andrews products. exceptional quality

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  • Liver & Brain granules, (elocac MI)

    This has kept my mind fantastic...I don't ever want to be without it. Thank you have kept me healthy for 2 decades now. Keep up the good work.Carole

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  • Delicious, (AllModConz OH)

    I can eat this from the spoon like it's peanut butter. The texture becomes so creamy. My favorite method is to sprinkle on hot food such as pasta. I swear it makes anything taste better. I'll admit I don't really know what it's doing for my liver and brain, but trust Andrew that its necessary

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  • Very interesting....., (savybuyer KS)

    Ordered these for my x husband who lives with me and has dementia, parkinson's (of a sort) & probably alzheimer's .... I measured scoop I am using when I adding to daily oatmeal & it is two full tablespoons. Has made quite a difference in his attention span & I am pleased. First time in 6 years I can say that. Can't afford continue that much & will have to cut way back BECAUSE it is EXPENSIVE. Have tried anything and everything saying supports brain including Prevagen. This is BEST

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  • Love the Taste and Results, (7lucky7 AZ)

    This is an odd product, would never think that just eating a spoonful from the container would be pleasant. But I love the taste and texture right from the container! Also great sprinkled on oatmeal, etc. I definitely feel the difference when taking this. I purchased 2 so I dont run out because I feel so much better when I take it.

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  • Helps with memory, (Dlana IA)

    I chew this now that I'm used to it and take it every day. Time will tell if it helps with my fatty liver issues but within a few days I noticed that my memory was improved...not completely - even after several months of daily use but definitely better than it was.

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  • Great Liver/Brain Product, (Mary95610 SC)

    I have been taking this product for quite a while and will continue to take it for all the healthy benefits it promotes. I love that my hard working liver has some help processing everything coming its way. And of course the brain can always use some extra help also. Thank you Andrew.

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  • Get the nutrition plus great taste, (sushigirl27 FL)

    I was taking the product in capsule form and discovered this product when the capsules weren't available. If i didn't like it, i could return it, so really there was nothing to lose. I tried it on my cottage cheese and immediately loved the taste. It became a staple item to have alternating on top of my yogurt and cottage cheese as well as many other things. Nutrition and a great taste, all in one!

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  • Healthy way to improve awareness/memory functions., (cleverbuyer VA)

    I work in a very complicated analyst position so having clear active thought processes is extremely important. I tried the memory and brain capsules but have found the granules to be much more effective. They improve my alertness and memory capacity not from a hyped up perspective, but from a normal natural healthy mindset. This supplement really works!

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  • Love it, (NEDLICK NJ)

    This is another winner. I pretty much just use it in my oatmeal. I also have the capsule version. But its nice to be able to alternate between the two

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  • Returned, (darlenis FL)

    I ordered by mistake thinking this was the cpsules returned and reordered the 380 count capsules because they work.

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  • i like it , (PARSNIPS OR)

    i like the taste , eat it just on the spoon. had one problem , I put a some in a lock &lock container, found one side was not locked down ,letting in a little bit of air,and it showed signs of caking, moist like ,i haven"t check the main bottle yet,but has any one else had a problem with it not holding up wel ?l Portland,Oregon not Parsnip Or.

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