Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Water Flosser with Nozzle Tips

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  • Great flosser, (Beachy711 FL)

    So much better than my old flosser. Does an excellent job, and its portable. It is rechargeable, no batteries. Excellent youll do your mouth favor

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  • I'M IN LOVE! SUPER CLEAN MOUTH, (Veronica4186 FL)

    I've had this a couple of weeks and I'm loving it! I hate flossing with dental floss so when I saw this I had to have it. I use this in the shower. Tried it at the sink, water runs all down your body no matter what you do. But I'll tell you what, the clean feeling your mouth has after using this incredible device is amazing! I have a water pic and it doesn't compare to the deep cleaning this does! If you hate flossing like me you'll love this invention! So awesome! Thanks HSN! I'm very happy!

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  • Does The Job, (joca CA)

    Great water flosser. There is a learning curve to using a flosser but take the challenge. I like the cord free unit. Easy to fill and maintain. I like the idea that I can travel with it.

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  • This is a good water Fosser, (cup6 MA)

    I always want to get one of these but I finally got one this actually works real good between your teeth the postal food and stuff out

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  • Easy to use, (dedje MI)

    This canister is just the right size to properly floss each time. I also needed something with a small footprint on my sink top. I also like that it is rechargeable and no batteries are needed. So my needs were met with this product.

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  • LOVE this but..., (Coram CA)

    Hope your rep sees this. I love this flosser. Unfortunately, I lost the charger and Phillips customer service is useless to help. This is supposed to be a USB-C charger and I have tried every one I have instead of the original and nothing works. Support is overseas and not helpful so I have a useless product now.

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  • bontime, (Happygrandma22 UT)

    Tried this water flosser for a week hard on my gums wish it would have had a less intense pressure might have worked for I returned for refund.

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  • Pricey, (kknn OH)

    Didnt notice a big difference from the waterpik brand used. Returned due to price and thought cheaply made. Thought the special tip would help decide to keep but no.

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  • The Absolute Worse, (Martini06FL FL)

    I own a Philips, sonicare toothbrush that Ive had for several years, and I absolutely love it! I purchased this flosser thinking that if it was from the same company it would be great. I returned it. I had water coming out from everywhere on this product. I followed the directions exactly. As I was using it over the sink, there was water splashing on my face from a very tiny opening on the back of the flosser head. I knew the head was installed correctly. My dentist had recommended Waterpik!

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