Perlier Shea & Argan All Over Ultra Hydrating Sticks

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  • Great as Lip Balm!, (phillitk OR)

    So far, I've only used it has a lip balm. It's super moisturizing and lasts for quite a while.

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  • Wonderful product, (Bobbys1968 TX)

    Bought this for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She loves it. She put one in her bag when she goes out to use as needed and one on her night stand. She lives in the North and the cold weather and heating the house dries out her skin. Thanks.

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  • Super fun moisturizing stick!, (Kells316 PA)

    These sticks are fun and super moisturizing! I use it on my face, but also as lip balm/chapstick. Fun makeup option that actually works!

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  • Good as a lip balm, (echo4651 WV)

    I used to use a shea product for my lips and cuticles (from a famous brand that sells it in tins) and this works well for me in a more useful container. However, I wouldn't suggest trying to use this as a general body moisturizer as it doesn't 'melt' well on large portions of skin. Lasts forever.

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  • super mini stick, (boss-nurse1 MI)

    Not much larger than a chap stick! Product is excellent but will NOT purchase again....way too small for the price.

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  • Very tiny tubes!, (Hut123 SC)

    I didn't see the presentation on this product but the pictures on the website make you think they are bigger than they are. Very misleading. With that aside, I didn't much care for the stick. Its really dry and difficult to apply and doesn't do much for moisturizing. A bit disappointed.

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  • Disappointed, (Ruffieisadog PA)

    Such a lovely brand but these sticks are dry and don't apply easily.

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  • Smaller than they look, (Cobalt1 MN)

    Was disappointed in the size of these. Was rather expecting a larger size. I love the Argan oil but these sticks have a funny smell. I will keep but will not order these again.

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  • Plr, (CeCe137 MA)

    Very dissappointed in the size !!! Product very nice....

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  • Love It BUT..., (MCGRATH NJ)

    I'm in love with this product! It did wonders for my chapped lips and the lines on my face when I applied once a day but the 2 sticks ran out so fast. When I went on line to order more the price took my breath away! It seems your products are becoming only for the rich! Sorry that I can no longer afford your wonderful line anymore, I am disabled and on a limited income. I now can only buy when it's HSN or your Anniversary when you have reasonable prices that ALL of us can AFFORD! TY

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  • Love the brand, but not this product, (BPrest OH)

    Let me start by saying, I'm a huge fan of the brand Perlier. In addition, I just love Skip and Amanda. But this really missed the mark.Together, these have less product than one tube of chapstick. Well okay, I figured when something works really well, a lot isn't required. But my husband tried this on his feet and couldn't even tell he had put anything on. I used it on my feet, elbows, and hands - no noticeable change in hydration. We used most of one of the sticks and not much difference.

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  • Too Small, (southernlights55 FL)

    It pains me to write a negative review for one of my favorite vendors but I believe in a honest review. I think the product is way overpriced for the size, including BOGO. Looked bigger on TV. Wider than a lip balm but shorter in length. I used on elbows and knees with nice results but not so nice to justify the price. I can get same results with Perlier 99% Shea or Josie Maran Argan Butter. I used on my lips as a lip balm and oddly, it burned after a minute or so. Sorry, Skip.

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    This is a good product, however, not worth the price for what you get. The tubes were very little and I can go through both of them quickly. For that reason , would not recommend. Sorry!

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  • Hydrating sticks, (sueq888 MI)

    These sticks are extremely small, and OVERPRICED.They go on very dry, impossible to spread. They do not even work for immediate hydration.

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  • Bad Smell!, (bestfit NC)

    Smells awful. I am a little afraid to use it. It smells like makeup products when they go bad. Unfortunately, I bought a two pack!!! So disappointed. I would not recommend this!

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