Perlier Royal Elixir Night Oil

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  • Perlier Royal Elixir Night Oil Has Drying Effect, (fashionlover CA)

    I realized that my skin absorbs Perlier Royal Elixir Night Oil at a very fast pace, but then some time later, and I do not remember how many hours later, I have noticed that this Night Oil provides a "drying effect" to my skin. I have noticed "lines on my forehead" creeps up after using this night oil on my face. Normally, my forehead does not show pronounced "lines". Therefore, I strongly recommend Perlier to adjust or change the ingredients in this Night Oil for its drying effect.

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  • saw nothing new, (lindalou68 WA)

    This has lots of good reviews so I do not know why I didn't see a difference in my skin after 3 weeks.

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  • Not for me, (chi-mom5 PA)

    I tried this oil and the elixir pearls. I found both to be drying. You never know if something will work till you try. Not discouraging others from trying, just did not work for me.

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  • Hurts my eyes , (Mary333 TN)

    I love Perlier, but this product is not their usual perfect thing. I might as well smear mineral oil on my face because that is what it feels like. I keep it from my eyes, but they have had a serious itching and red eye problem with the use of this product. It does not seems to be doing anything for the wrinkles I have on my 73 year old face.

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  • Honey - Allergy - Who Knew?, (ckm1 WA)

    Yep, I am another poor soul who had an allergic reaction to this product. Hard to believe that a honey product would cause an allergy issue. Must be something else in the product. I got little red welts/bumps around my mouth and red burning rash/flaking around my eyes. I stopped once and tried again using it sparingly avoiding my mouth area. Red burning skin around eyes again. Hardly used any. Sending it back. I seem to be having bad luck with Perlier products for the most part. :(

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  • EYE BURNER SUPREME , (Carmacat9 AZ)

    This is the WORST product they make!!! Not even CLOSE to my eyes, but after cpl hours, HAD to wash my face & start all over. LOVE their products, "but" THIS one's going back. Still can't believe the reaction I had w/my eyes. I AM sensitive to eye cream, this was for face, so I knew to keep it away from my eyes.Burning especially, a long w/extreme watering...just cannot believe the EYE reaction when it wasn't even CLOSE to my eyes.

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  • Night oil made my skin broke out. , (Goodkatt MI)

    I really wanted this to work for my skin, but I broke out with pimples. Yuck. Who breaks out with pimples at 62? I would send it back, but it is too late.

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  • Allergic reaction!, (Dianne1954 ID)

    Unfortunately, I found out the hard way, that I'm allergic to the Royal Elixir products. I broke out in a bad rash on my face and neck. It burned like crazy. I'm sticking with the Black Rice products.

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  • Not impressed, (LoveDallas1 TX)

    The oil is very light and goes on well but I'm not impressed with the results. I find that I get better results with Rosehip oil so won't reorder.

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  • Smells bad, (TulsaOkGal1969 OK)

    The smell was just too bad for me to use it more than a night.It made me ill.

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  • returned, (Chard01 PA)

    Didn't do a thing for my skin. Returned and will go back to using Signature A products.

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  • No change, (zebbie2376 IN)

    I am 53 and I see absolutely no change and have used for a month. I was very hopeful with all of the positive reviews but nope.

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  • NO difference in my skin, (wilmagold FL)

    I purchased this product because I thought it would complement the Elixir Pearls of Youth. Unfortunately, neither of these products made any difference whatsoever in my skin after 21 days. It's a shame I was really looking forward to seeing some kind of results. Back it goes.

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  • Reaction to my face....., (sunni1 FL)

    This may be a good product for others, but I had a very bad reaction of small welts on my face which caused much itching. Of course, I did not scratch since I did not want further damage to my skin. Will be returning this "oil" along with the Royal Pearl Serum, too, since that caused the same type reaction. Luckily after a few days of not using, my face is clear. Thank goodness!

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  • Disappointed in the Perlier Night Oil, (Nefertari555 CA)

    Prior to purchasing the Royal Elixir Night Oil, I tried the Royal Elixir Nectar Serum. The serum is fragrance free, and helped to diminish the wrinkles on my forehead. It's just a very expensive product to use on a daily basis. Since the Night Oil was half price for Mother's Day, I thought that it might help me. Unfortunately, the oil has some type of chemical or scented ingredient that not only made my face break out in certain areas (eyes and forehead), but it also gave me a very bad headache. I tried the oil one time on my face and and a few days later on my neck to see if it would work. Both times I had the same reaction. I stopped using this product, and I still have dry patches on my skin. If you have sensitive skin, do not purchase this product.

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