Perlier Royal Elixir 2-piece Set with Gift Box Auto-Ship®

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  • Love it, (jeannie10 FL)

    Love this product saw difference in look and feel in my skin.

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  • Love this stuff, (Peacemaker714 FL)

    I use this on my face and neck and its lovely. I can see a difference when I use it right away. I dont have before pictures, but I think its helping with crows feet and turkey neck. It may be short term, but it smells and feels great, doesnt cause any rash or burning, and seems to work. Im keeping it on auto ship.

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  • :(, (lorenina FL)

    Unfortunately these products didn't work for me. I don't like to say i wouldn't recommend because this was my experience. Actually the neck product was fine but the serum gave me blemishes all over my face. I kept thinking it was something else so I tried it for several days until i stopped it and realized it was the serum so i had to return.

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  • Allergic reaction, (angelcookie FL)

    I was so excited to get this and try it...As soon as I applied it I felt a tingling sensation within minutes my face was burning and I had big red splotches all over my face. I must have an allergy to something in it because I had to take benadryl to clear it up.

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  • no difference at all, (TxFlutter TX)

    I was sold - gave it a try. Going back to the line I have been using which has always had my skin looking wonderful. Was curious to see if this would really do anything else. No difference at all.

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  • Its ok, (shopper832 VA)

    For the money I thought I was going to have better results. My face is softer but as far as wrinkles, they are just as they were before starting this. I think I am going to send it back and stick with the other creams I use.

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  • I'm allergic! , (Dianne1954 ID)

    I bought several of the Royal Elixir products.I'm in my 60s and my face, neck & decollete broke out horribly, like I was back in puberty.I'm allergic to all the Royal Elixir products! I was so disappointed. I've read the other reviews and others are having excellent results with this. I don't have a clue as to what is in this product that is irritating my skin so I will be sending this back along with the other Royal Elixir products that I bought.

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  • Best product used, (figment71 FL)

    Great product. Only using for a few days , skin feels softer.

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  • Pierlier Royal Elixir, (MiaandGabriella CT)

    I had this on auto ship. I cancelled it because it was out of my budget. Now, I'm going to reorder it again. Noticed a difference in my skin. Hopefully it will be a Special of the Day sgain.

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  • Wonderful Until, (bootsagain2 CA)

    Wanted to give this a chance to give good results so used both faithfully for about 3 weeks. Skin was nice until I started breaking out badly from accumulated use. So sad and still trying to get my face healed up from some really bad spots. Guess its just not the right thing for my sensitive skin. Had to return. Others may have better luck.

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  • Product has a very unpleasant odor, (Valigirl GA)

    Was very excited to try th is honey based set! Unfortunately the product does not smell like honey, and the odor was so unpleasant it almost made me gag and had to immediately wash off my face. When applicable it is great not to add fragrance, however when a formulation has such an unpleasant odor, a light fragrance and/or masking agent would help tremendously. Sorry but returning. IF you even add a masking agent or fragrance to cover the odor, please let me know and I will try again.

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  • I bought this because Skip and Amanda look great, (yorkiegrl108 CA)

    Skip and Amanda look so much younger and more vibrant! I think they are a testimonial for these products. I've just started using them and love the fresher look of my skin. Thanks for the great product!!!

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  • What a Lift, (gammalove GA)

    This product also seems to be making changes to my skin gradually, but I do like what I'm seeing. I do hope after using it longer I will be able to see the lift I expect. Thank you Perlier for what seems to be a another of your great products. Audrey Upton

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  • love the serum, (mooshie45 FL)

    only used 3 timed, but so far like how soft it makes my skin feel

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  • excellent!, (mozartfan FL)

    I have only used this product twice so far, but already after the first use I felt and saw a major difference, less visible lines and wrinkles, and my skin felt smoother. I am 77 years old and have sensitive skin, so far I like this product, I am on auto ship

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