Perlier Miele and Rosa di Giulietta Body Water Spray

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  • Very impressed, (AlsBean VA)

    I love rose fragrances so much; I thought if anyone can do a rose fragrance right, it should be Perlier and I wasn't wrong. I love the fragrance, the way it feels on my skin and the fragrance lasts and lasts (for me at least) I can spray this on at 6 am and when I'm getting undressed to shower at 10 pm I can still smell the wonderful scent I just love it!

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  • Refreshing and Delightful , (deadmanswife NY)

    Refreshing and delightful I love it

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  • Lovely, (pax139 WI)

    Love this spray! The scent is beautiful, not overpowering. Was afraid it might be too rosey. Sprayed it on me, in the air, on my pillow, blanket, etc. I really enjoy it.

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  • Absolutely beautiful sent , (PINHEAD NJ)

    I received the spray today. I cant believe its like walking through a Rose garden. It is just absolutely beautiful. Im not a big perfume person to send is lingering so I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves their roses.

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  • Very nice, (KK5 TX)

    Was pleasantly surprised at how good this smelledhowever.doesnt last on my skin. But thats just me. It does leave a soft fragrance on my clothes and pillow though! Perfect gift for Mothers Day!

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  • Smells Bad, (NUSH FL)

    Not what I expected. It's a harsh not light scent. Sharp sort of old bergamot also. I don't recognize a rose scent.

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  • rose, (24SKIPPY FL)

    it took me awhile to figure why it would not spray out

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