Perlier Megasize Black Rice Hyaluronic Acid Gel

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  • Perfect, (sweetpea0406 NJ)

    Use and feels great

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  • Fountain of Youth, (NYTess1 NY)

    An amazing product. Adds moisture better than any other product I've used, and the moisturization lasts and lasts. Softens wrinkles, fine lines disappear. This is like the fountain of youth in a bottle. Just one drop is enough for face, neck, and tops of hands. Please Perlier, never stop making this product.

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  • What a buy!!!, (lovesthesun74 PA)

    For a miracle product that truly works! You can notice the difference in your lines and wrinkles right away not saying that you look 20 years younger after the first application but I can only imagine using it twice a day what results you'd have. Too bad I'm lazy and have only used it once a day! Thanks Amanda and Chip you guys rock and I will continue to use your products forever! Ten stars!

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  • Works if you follow directions, (saralouhoo40 WI)

    I'm 40 and have frown lines this does help reduce the appearance of these lines! You must let the serum dry before you apply the rest of your routine skincare !

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  • wonderful , (happy_butterfly MA)

    I wish I new about Perlier skin care products years ago - I am 57 and this stuff is a game changer. I have really nice skin and always have but this product makes it so soft and youthful - just try it ! totally hydrating and no smell it is fantastic!!! we need this in New England dealing w crazy weather this will keep skin in tip top shape

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  • Why did I wait so long?, (GOTDOG OH)

    I have returned every single skincare item I have ever ordered because none of them ever worked. Now over the years, I have watched Perlier shows religiously but I never ordered. Why Id like to know why I started using their product sooner. My skin would be even better than it is right now. I have been using this for a very short time and have noticed the significant change in my skin and return a significant change in my attitude.I couldnt be happier and its so to have these products

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  • Best Hyaluronic, (angie0215 CT)

    I love this hyaluronic and the face that is a gel is even better.If you use too much and apply a heavy moisturizer right afterwards it may peel or flake.I use it and I love it so much I try not to apply too much if I am using a moisturizer right afterwards. Sometimes I just use the Hyaluronic with no moisturizer and my skin looks plumper and firmer. A little goes a long way.

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  • Amazing Product, (fshnlvr NJ)

    I buy so many beauty products and makeup and I don't always write reviews. This Hyaluronic Acid is definitely worth a review! I love that you only need a small amount and it goes a long way. The product absorbs right into the skin and feels so good. I put a drop of water on my hands afterwards & rub what is left onto the back of my hands. There is a noticable difference in the look of the skin on my face AND my hands! I am so happy that I have this on autoship! Great product!

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  • Black Rice Hyaluronic acid gel, (symbolize MA)

    Excellent product!

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  • Excellent, (pinky375 NC)

    I bought this before and then got side tracked with other things. Mistake I came back to this, it is the best and it works.

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  • The BEST!!, (ARK_77 LA)

    I LOVE Perlier hyaluronic acid!! I see and feel a huge difference in my skin since starting this a few years ago. I also use this twice a day on my lips and on my scalp after shampooing.

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  • Best serum, (samsons47 NC)

    I bought this over a year ago in the regular size. I had horrible creases above my lips. This serum has just about diminished those lines. My skin looks so much better. I love the feel when applying to my skin. Not sticky, absorbs fast.

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  • Black Rice/Soft Face, (janishopper NJ)

    Im always looking for products that will help to soften my wrinkles around my mouth area (I had a accident and lost a lot of weight in 1 month which left me with these lovely wrinkles ) this product is lovely, it goes on very easily, almost like a thicker water. Its easy to spread around and dissolves quite quickly! Im able to apply my other products immediately after without waiting! My skin feels so soft and smooth, I use it morning and night! Its really a nice product!

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  • Best Ever, (Cyn99 TN)

    I really just tried this because it was a good value. I'm so glad I did. I have wrinkles on my forehead and some oily patches. This stuff is incredible. It soaks into your skin and my wrinkles has softened and it doesn't make my skin oily. I use it on my neck too. I'm so happy with this product.

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  • Love, (barbie-doll-10 NJ)

    This is a must have ladies. I have been using this for years cant be without. Makes your skin glow. If u have any fine lines or wrinkles they just kind of disappear. This is a fantastic item. I use it in the morning and at night. Love it.

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