Perlier Hemp Leg + Feet Balm

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  • Jannie, (Jannie19 IL)

    Works good. I even used it on my shoulders before yoga class. Really helped.

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  • Cooling comfort, (SRojas68 FL)

    This is good for massaging your feet and legs. Very cooling and refreshing feel to tired legs and feet.

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  • Excellent, (london3 NJ)

    This is my 3rd purchase of this. Out of all the foot and leg products I have tried, this is my absolute favorite. I have purchased alot from Perlier and each and every time, whatever Skip and Amanda say about the product is 100% true. This product is exceptional, the price is so appreciated, and really makes a noticeable improvement. Thank you Skip and Amanda!

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  • Excellent Product!!!, (natesgma55 NY)

    I have fibromyalgia, and this really helps alleviate my pain... Smell is noticeable at first but doesn't linger too long. The lotion is soothing and it comforts the skin. Perlier is absolutely my luxury!

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  • HEMP GOLDEN RELIEF, (decdec1 NY)

    first time i used this lotion the relief was 30 seconds in coming. did legs and feet right before bedtime and sleep right through the night. get it, you will not be sorry. another hit Perlier. gave some to my son in law. i love him a lot.

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  • Leg and foot balm, (Peigi TN)

    Love, love this balm. Put on legs and feet every night before bed. No cramping. Thank you Also love the hemp oil. Wonderful on face.

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  • Not for me, (gailg410 MD)

    I had a reaction to this. It made my feet feel like they were burning.

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  • Cool & Soothing, (flowerpower525 MI)

    This is the best foot cream i have ever used. No matter how tired i am, I use this every single night. What a wonderful way to pamper your tired aching feet. It feels invigorating & calming all at the same time. It is very moisturizing too, I never have to feel embarrassed about my feet looking dry anymore. Another fantastic product from Perlier!

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  • Messy, (clemmie75 AZ)

    stays moist for a long time. Be sure not to walk for a while aftr applying to feet and legs. Not thrilled with it, but will keep. Won't order again.

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  • Awful, (Nancy767 MI)

    I thought this product would really work for me, but unfortunately it did not at all. The smell of it was awful, I could not stand it. I have a sciatic nerve problem in my leg but I did absolutely nothing for it. I sent it back.

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  • Good, (8765 NM)

    Is a good product & liked having a large quantity.

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  • Really good stuff, (Workhardtospend TX)

    Refreshing fix to feet and calves at end of long day.

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    5 stars for the way it feels and smells when applied. It is fabulous. 3 stars because the legs and feet never felt any better as far as relief. Needs a stronger ingredient for that.

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  • Good to have, (DRSmiel NM)

    I am thrilled with this leg and feet balm. I am starting to get swelling and aches. I put it on just before bed. It smells wonderful and absorbs so well. I wish hubby would rub it in for me. I use the hemp oil on my face, hair, hands, cuticles. I use the day cream, too. Pure organic hemp is the best. Thank you Skip! I got 3.

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  • Great Product, (mchevy VT)

    This cream is so rich yet Not sticky or too thick. The texture is perfect! Spreads nicely over feet, giving relief to my very dry, sore feet and toes. Thank you, Perier!

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