Perlier Black Rice Eye Serum

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  • Just Okay to Me, (JAL73 MO)

    I don't think in my case it has changed anything at all. That being said, it feels cool and soothing under the eye so I won't return it but I won't reorder. I like Perlier as a brand though so not a negative review, just didn't work for me.

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  • Ehh!!!, (Gdots1944 MO)

    Did nothing for my eyes. But it does help around my mouth and throat. Thats a plus. Was expecting more. Have tried everything available for the eye bags.

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  • So so, (angelcutie CA)

    Dies seem to help puffiness to some degree. A little pricey for the quantity received

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  • Eye serum, (DoggiemamaMa FL)

    I saw little difference in the eye area, a bit disappointed as the presentation was very promising to give your eyes a lift and smooth. It does feel very cooling and does work for an eye primer.

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  • Didnt love, (Marlyn TX)

    I ended up sending this back. I thought it would feel a little moisturizing under my eyes but it just dried and felt weird.

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  • Confused, (merluza FL)

    I cannot give a frank review. I used it as directed and felt it was working. The next morning my eyes were swollen, red and irritated. Is it allergy. Lawn folks were blowing clippings and weeds when I went out with dog. Couldnt get appointment with eye doctor for a month. It has cleared up. Its been 5 days with hot soaks and over the counter drops. Ill wait another week and try again if I am allergic back it goes

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  • Not sure?, (Molly115 IN)

    This is ok but it doesn't say it has lasting results and appears to only be a temporary result. So I was disappointed. Use just a small amount and tap it on for best results. The presentation claimed many more benefits than the box/bottle instructions. May be returning or canceling auto ship.

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  • good, (Sunella991 NY)

    I ordered this for a 2nd time but will not order in future - its just ok - doesn't get rid of bags

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  • Just ok, (Dianeteti CA)

    Cant say that results reflected the marketing. Wouldnt buy a second time. For the price I am sure to find better

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  • Water-No PRODUCT , (rho0217 PA)

    Thought I would give this a try after watching the on air presentation. Basically, feels like slightly thickened water-have been using for almost two weeks and dont see even a small result. Doesnt even feel good when applying it. Have used many other eye products with good results as well as they feel and smell good-this unfortunately had none of this. Plan on returning.

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  • Eye cream, (mc2reyes CA)

    I use it thinking it would do what the manufacturer claims to do but I have not seen any effect. It's been a couple of months. I use it just to deplete it.

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  • Black rice eye serum, (Tunacake61 VA)

    Have not seen much change in eye area

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  • is okay, (blondie221 SC)

    only been using for 4 days morning and night, but \/\/hen I apply it, it has a sticky tacky feeling and I see no noticeable difference for it being an instant fix

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  • Black Rice Eye Serum, (NancDMCO FL)

    The product was ok for the shirt time that I used it. It fell over on my counter and it was in 3 pieces and the very small amount that was in the top part of the cup fell out and it was wasted! I will never purchase this product again because of that incident. The consumer thinks they are getting a big amount, when in reality they just put a small amount in the top portion of the metal tube. I was disappointed!Nancy D. Orlando, Fl.

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  • Not for Me, (silentchatter NJ)

    For me, after "testing" for almost 4 weeks, I did not see any difference and I did exactly as advised. One day too late to return sadly

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