Perlier Black Rice Eye Serum

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  • The Best Eye Gel and More, (Vesta4 MI)

    This is by far the most effective eye product I've used. I like that it's a gel instead of a cream where it absorbs quicker. I started putting this on my forehead and within a few days, the lines diminished quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised and it showed me how effective it truly is. Some nights I put it on my entire face and neck.

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  • Works., (Nickname9973689 CA)

    Seems to work.

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  • Didnt love, (Marlyn TX)

    I ended up sending this back. I thought it would feel a little moisturizing under my eyes but it just dried and felt weird.

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  • Contains lots of alcohol, (blondlady AR)

    After using this eye gel a couple of times I found that the 3rd ingredient was alcohol. My skin can't tolerate a regular use of denatured alcohol so I had to send it back.

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  • Confused, (merluza FL)

    I cannot give a frank review. I used it as directed and felt it was working. The next morning my eyes were swollen, red and irritated. Is it allergy. Lawn folks were blowing clippings and weeds when I went out with dog. Couldnt get appointment with eye doctor for a month. It has cleared up. Its been 5 days with hot soaks and over the counter drops. Ill wait another week and try again if I am allergic back it goes

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  • Love it , (bozz3 MA)

    Love this product. Definitely helps minimize wrinkles

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  • On autoship, (nicki123 LA)

    This product is great, since first ordering it, in the smaller size, I have it on hand ever since and love the larger size! When I first ordered it, they had run out of the larger size, so when it came back in stock, I quickly switched my auto-ship!! I am a skin care junkie and have tried countless eye products, but this one is a keeper!! It also has an immediate result ...within approximately 15 min after putting it on, lines flatten out and my skin and makeup both look so much better!

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  • No change, (MouseFanNV NV)

    56 y old, used for approx 3 weeks. Absolutely no change. Can't wait any longer for results or can't send back.

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  • Fantastic!, (reindeer1 CT)

    I have suffered from bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember (I'm in my 50's) and have used many products. I can say without hesitation that on the first application I noticed a difference in my under eye bags. They were greatly reduced.Highly recommend!

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  • Good product , (Pammie542 FL)

    I am just trying this line of products. So far so good . I havent used it long enough. I like it so far . It is light , doesnt go one heavy like other products.

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  • Made My Eyes Look Swollen, (Cindy0214 TX)

    I read all the reviews before purchasing and had such high hopes from all the 5 Star reviews. I concluded if your eyes are normally a little puffy underneath, this is not the product for you. Because this serum adds so much volume immediately, this is for those with hollow, sunk-in area under the eyes. It will definitely plump that area. But if you already have bags and puffiness, this makes your eyes look swollen, really swollen and it lasts for hours. It looked like Id been crying.

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  • Not sure?, (Molly115 IN)

    This is ok but it doesn't say it has lasting results and appears to only be a temporary result. So I was disappointed. Use just a small amount and tap it on for best results. The presentation claimed many more benefits than the box/bottle instructions. May be returning or canceling auto ship.

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  • Don't work, (bar6 NC)

    Don't waste your money.

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  • Unmet Promises, (wildwoman1 MO)

    Believed the claims enough to order but promises were not met.My Lancome eye product does a better job."Hope Springs Eternal", too bad my aging skin doesnt have the luxury to wait on time.

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  • No difference, (mackey4393 TX)

    As I used this item I saw no difference for me. You might have a different reaction.

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