Perlier Black Rice 94.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Gel

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  • heaven in a bottle, (mr0219 TX)

    My skin feels SO SOFT after using this product for the last 2 months or so. It just takes a few tiny drops on my fingertips that I blot onto my face. I have never looked my age but it can't be just genetics because my sibs can't make that claim. And they don't use the skin care products I do. Try this... I think you will love it.

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  • The best booster, (unique67 GA)

    I add this to my day and night cream. It is the perfect booster. Love, love, love it!

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  • Lily, (Sammie268 WA)

    A very beautiful product made my skin like heaven sooo soft.But I decided to stay with Beekman products....You can have too many when you find one that your skin likes stick with it.

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  • Improves Elasticity and Firmness, (windowshopper11 CA)

    I am 55 and used to wake up with sheet marks on my cheeks each morning that would take hours to disappear. After using this hyaluronic acid morning and night, I wake up to firm, creaseless skin every morning. That is how i know that this product is working. Bought a bunch of bottles when it was on sale for $20 each.

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  • Good stuff, (Soothing NY)

    This's not the first time I reviewed this product,I hope they change nothing of it.

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  • Love It! Hyaluronic acid gel!, (ladysara1 NC)

    I am 72 years old. Have had a total year of no skin care, not able. I used it for 4 days, and it was a miracle. Using every day now, along with my hyaluronic skin cream, it's a winner! TY, Perlier!! I am so pleased, One of HSNs good products, I was a little concerned, it would be another bad product. I rubbed it on my face, anyway and hoped for a blessing It was!! HSN look at your quality control You are sending a message, do YOU just send junk to N.C. Read YOUR reviews HSN!! everything!!

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  • Black rice94.5pure Hyaluronic Acid Gel, (Rorvident ID)

    My skin looks so much younger after using this

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  • Perlier HA Gel , (sk19 NV)

    I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but I have noticed my skin feels softer. It goes on like silk and disappears into my skin quickly. I am 70+ and hope this rejuvenates my skin. My only complaint is shipping. I ordered 8 bottles while it was on sale expecting them to come in one box, but they came in separate boxes all large enough to have held all 8 bottles. I am just glad I did not have to pay for shipping. I just think it was a waste of packaging and postage.

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  • Love it, (JanLee91 IN)

    So far so good, I need more time but I think I see improvement in my face. Will be buying again.

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  • love it, (marge560 NY)

    makes my skin feel so good

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  • Great stuff, (luckyboy1 NV)

    Goes right into ur skin. Love this. Purchased 2. I should have doubled that

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  • Does everything they say, (Jenmom4 NY)

    I mix this with Perliers new day cream.Goes on like a dream. I have very sensitive skin and have zero reaction to this.Ive tried MANY high end products and nothing has worked on my mild wrinkling around my eyes and upper lip area like this or as fast as this has worked. Its Perlier all the way for me.

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  • Love it, (smitty4939 CA)

    This product does what is promised. It just takes a very small amount, is absorbed quickly into your skin and goes to war on wrinkles and skin texture.

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  • Great serum, I love it, (favoriteAuntieN CA)

    It's a small bottle as with other serums. I've been using for 1 week and I have noticed a difference. I'm loving this... woohoo!I have been using a drop morning and night on damp skin. I've read that is the key..damp/wet face.

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  • My Favorite Facial Product , (chipsy MI)

    Love the strength of this hyaluronic acid gel. My skin has shown such an improvement & the result on my skin has been better than products Ive bought & used from my dermatologist. My skin loves this product & so do I.

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