Perlier 2-pack Supersize Honeydew Honey Body Cream Auto-Ship®

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  • Love it BUT..., (sabri FL)

    I do not like tg the smell and it lingers.

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  • Flimsy Tubs, (Nangie MO)

    The product is a bit thinner than I expected but the tub it comes in is even worst! The tubs seem to be very thin plastic. I had to immediately transfer product to an empty jar that was sturdier

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  • Okay, but not their usual, (naynay153 MD)

    Nice large containers. Honeydew is a nice scent, not my favorite but is okay. This does not seem as moisturizing as other Perlier products I have tried, but okay for short term moisturizing.

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  • Mixed , (ACEICE NY)


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  • Mixed , (ACEICE NY)

    Smell fades quickly but the moisture is there.

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  • liked the smoothness of the cream, (Blessed24-7 MD)

    wish the honeydew fragrance was stronger

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  • Not a fresh outdoor scent, (grammagrapes TX)

    Fragrance is unpleasant. I cant say how the cream works because I couldnt leave it on. Its hard to choose a new fragrance online from just a description. Should have gone with a known scent.

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  • Runny, (Lindy451 CA)

    The smell is o.k. but I was expecting a cream that was thicker. This lotion is runny and I do not like the consistency.

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  • Honeydew honey, Imperial Honey, (darssvt MI)

    Honeydew Honey was described as the lightest of all being offered as TS. Wow, overwhelming scent to me, it has the fragrance of Langhe. Too heavy of a scent which gave me an immediate headache. I also purchased Imperial Honey, that is my favorite, and Ill stick with IH. Also came in heavier constructed container, which is another plus. Great price for two!

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  • You Gotta Do Better Than This!, (superfrog WY)

    I have bought a TON of Perlier since I first discovered it on HSN. I really do love it. I tried the new Honeydew. The scent is OK. Not too strong, which is good. But it seems as if the lotion itself is just thinner than usual. Am I nuts? More the consistency of hand cream. Also, yes, the container is very flimsy. I was lucky enough to not have mine break in the mail. Nevertheless .... Skip, "you gotta do better than this!"

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  • Very strong fragrance, (Marjosilver CO)

    Much stronger fragrance than I expected when described as light.

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  • Best Lavender Scent ever, (holyone AZ)

    This is the best Lavender scent ever but like the other review said the container is too thin. Seems like everything is going down hill. I feel the cream is not creamy like used to be. Needs to have better quality than this. I gave 3 stars because these reasons.

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  • My Mistake, (CANDY8833 NJ)

    I thought this was a body butter when in fact is a cream. Not real hydrating skin was alittle parched by morning after applying before bed. U ordered the honey lemon citrus. Its not overpowering and smells like the citrus it claims to be. Canceling my autoship it's just not hydrating enough for my dry skin. It's just ok for me

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