Panier des Sens 2-pack Liquid Marseille Soap

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  • Marseille Soap, (cookie1272 CA)

    This is the best soap I feel so clean and it rinses off so well. Smells so very good.

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  • Love feel and light fragrances, (california615 CA)

    This is a very lightly scented cleanser. I like that it doesnt leave a greasy film even though it is very moisturizing. Waiting for them to go on sale to order more.

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  • Not a Fan, (GodsGardenGal TX)

    Not a fan of the low lather feel and smell was a bit medicinal and like a furniture cleaning product. I use essential oils and this lemon was not something I will buy again. A bit pricey too.

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  • Just Ok, (GodsGardenGal TX)

    The fragrance was just ok. Not a fan of the low lather feel. A bit pricey. Didnt hate it but wont buy again.

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  • smells really good but..., (jamied TX)

    smells really good liked the product but the formula stops up your sink if you use it in the bathroom. so had to stop using it

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  • Best handwash ever!, (Roses124 KY)

    I love this handwash. I feel like I'm at a high end spa when I use it. I never knew soap could be so good. This soap healed my brokeout, dried out hands. I work in nursing with hands on care 12 hour days. This soap is awesome & it smells so good. I bought the Verbena.

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  • Burned Skin!, (UNIQUELYME MI)

    Roses are my favorite flower and scent, so when I saw this offer, well... The smell is harsh smelling very strong? It takes a lot of product to get a lather going. My Mother stopped by, used the soap, and couldn't wash it off fast enough stating it was burning her skin! I am going to add water to the product to try and dilute it. The plus is the bottles are a pretty presentation, and a generous size. Too expensive to return shipping wise.

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  • Luxurious!, (LB2020 WI)

    High quality and skin moisturizing. Not high suds but leaves you with a very clean feeling and fresh smell.

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  • Clean!, (grace7water GA)

    I'm glad I finally purchased it and kept it! I like the texture...just one pump gives so much lather and it rinses clean!! Great scent, too. This is my new all-around cleanser!

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  • Yummy, (Persephoneia NY)

    The rose scent is creamy, soothing and intoxicating. A whisper of a rose garden poured into a bottle. Incredible!

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  • awesome sauce, (Storm81 PA)

    this is the best hand soap I have ever used. smell is great, lather huge, only need a small amount to get good results. I even bath in it. thats how awesome this is. and my hands are the worst. after useing it one time my hands felt soft and smelled great. I bought 4 and will by more. and the pump is fine and there is nothing wrong with thin soap, cause it works. I have no complaints.

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  • Like it, (linda1662 CA)

    The soap leaves your hands clean and soft. I chose Lavender and it is a strong scent. I like that it does not have a lot of lather, and a small amount is dispensed. Would buy again.

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  • Rose Liquid Marseille Soap, (Allanah FL)

    I dont really like the smell its too strong which is a big problem its a large quanitity of soap so Im going to have to dilute it

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  • Nice Fragrance, Pump Sprays Everywhere, (chantal2013 NC)

    Lavender fragrance is not overwhelming but clean. THE PUMP DISPENSER SPRAYS AND SHOOTS STRAIGHT AT YOU, IT IS DEFECTIVE!!! For the amount of money you pay for this product, it needs a better pump Dispenser. CORRECT THIS PROBLEM!

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  • Wonderful fragrance, (HELPMEB42LATE ID)

    These soaps are so wonderful. They are a medium fragrance and not over powering. I would definitely buy again My only complaint is that the pumps are garbage. I purchased 2 sets of these soaps and all 4 pumps did not work. I had to purchase replacement pumps for $4 each.

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