Panasonic DECT 6.0 Bluetooth 5-Handset Bundle

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  • Best one ever!, (Whitegardenia0 FL)

    Love these phones and their brand come in a 5 pack and clips for each phone makes for an even better deal. Connection is a breeze and clear reception every time...great buy!

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  • Panasonic Dect 6.0 Bluetooth, (JamesE76 TX)

    love the voice announce of who is calling and the call blocking and the price. easy to setup out of the box.

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  • The Best Buy, (3dlovely PA)

    I am so happy I purchased this product. I have not received one robocall since I installed it. I see on the screen it says "missed call" which means a robot tried to get through; however, this phone will only let an actual human call. It tells the caller to push a number to continue the call and naturally the robot doesn't understand and hangs up. Definitely purchase this phone if you are tired of robo-calls. All the other features are wonderful too! I love this phone!!

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  • Panasonic phones , (j0945h FL)

    I am very happy with my Panasonic phones. Previously I had the same system for many years and was so happy with it that when I had to replace it, I made sure to get the same ones. Unfortunately, my other phone was the victim of a glitch in my landline/cable connection and was scorched. Those phones had served me very well; in fact, some of my houseguests also were impressed and went on to purchase them also.

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  • Robo calls practically all stopped., (SallySwift NJ)

    Purchased this because of the robo-blocking call feature - computer calls can't dial "1". And it works!! And the phone itself is very good, clear and crisp.

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  • New favorite phone, (DDG_USA IN)

    My previous phones gave me heartburn. These Panasonic phones are a heart joy!

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  • Nice Phones, (Gabby12 NJ)

    Replaced an older Panasonic set. Works as expected.

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  • A great product, (LKPA PA)

    I love this phone system. Now, I no longer have to start searching for my cell phone every time it rings. I also appreciate that my phones tell me who I've just received a text message from. I've installed the extensions all over my apartment, and I can answer a cell phone call from any extension.

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  • Reliable Panasonic Phones, (GoldenGran MD)

    This is not my first purchase of a Panasonic phone bundle, but I wouldn't own any other brand. My current phones were still working but I wanted this new bundle with its 5 handsets and a 1000 call block capacity. The sound is clear and the features are close enough to the previous set that there was no learning curve. In my opinion Panasonic phones are the best.

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  • Fantastic phone system, love love love!, (Jeanious TN)

    We still have a landline, and our phones are outdated and do not work properly. I saw this Panasonic set of phones, that also work with cellphones if we cancel the landline. Never had such a sophisticated phone system, it even announces who is calling, and adore the Call Blocking system as we get them constantly and you can cancel up to 1000 numbers, (my phone company can only put a stop on 10). Easy to read on each handset, big numbers to press, I could work most out without instructions.

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  • Panasonic DECT 6.0, (2017J CT)

    As of today, I give this product 5 stars. I was interested in the call blocking feature, and I've got to tell you it works just like they advertised. I was being inundated with unwanted calls, my phone ringing like crazy, but once I initiated the call blocking, my phone is quieter. Even when an unwanted call comes, my phone does not ring. I'd recommend this phone for the call blocking alone. I still have not tried cell phone feature.

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  • Love these , (jean1400 SC)

    Very nice. They are nice. They have great features

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  • Panasonic DECT 6.0 Bluetooth 5-Handset Bundle, (Panda292 NV)

    Best phones in the world, easy to install and works just like on TV.

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  • Great buy if mobile phone only & no land line!!, (CaliforniaMaxine CA)

    I'm a mobile phone owner with no landline who works from home & I spend all day on business calls. This system solved my bad reception problem & now I have freedom with 5 handsets. I downloaded all of my contacts onto the system. When a call comes in the phone intercoms tell me who is calling or who sent a text, so I can prioritize answering the call or reading the text. I get clear reception everywhere by using the handsets and keep my mobile phone in a good reception area. Great buy!!

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  • one iPhone into six!, (JONINSANANTONIO TX)

    The 2 main reasons I bought this Panasonic phone set was the call delete option and the combined capability from my 1 iPhone that also rings and is answerable from the 5 handsets. Works like a charm, very happy with this purchase.

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